Research Proposal on Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is the process of creation, development and improvement of the long-term, profitable and solid relations with the major partners of the organization: clients, suppliers, distributors, employees, etc. Relationship marketing is the process which is aimed at the long-term cooperation, so the methods are reliable, varied and logical. The final aim of these relations is the creation of the varied and broad business network which provides the company with the permanent returning clients, constant chain of suppliers, devoted employees, etc. Successful relationship marketing is characterized with close relations between the company and customers which are carried out with the help of the special techniques which influence the attitude of the client to the firm on the psychological level.

Relationship marketing is quite a complex structure which has originated in 1970s with the growth of big corporations. These corporations started building their complex business systems with the aim to attract a great number of customers and win the serious positions on the international markets. Relationship marketing is useful for all sides of the business cooperation. For example, the company receives constant suppliers which provide it with resources permanently and very often the price for the supply is low due to the treaty that the company purchases these resources constantly without the change of the supplier.

Moreover, the company which has managed to attract clients can be sure that its production will be sold all the time and the risks of failure will be low. In order to attract customers companies practise the method of customer relationship marketing, which includes promotions, sales, personal contact in social media, etc.

Relationship marketing is the complex of practices and methods which are aimed at the creation of the broad business system for the development and profit of the firm. The student who is interested in various types of marketing is able to observe the issue on relationship marketing trying to analyze the matter from all sides. The student is expected to generate a few core ideas which can be used for the project and organize them in the logical way. Furthermore, one should present the methodology of the research on relationship marketing to demonstrate the order of the investigation, its expectations and purpose.

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