Soil Erosion Research Proposal

Soil erosion is the process of the soil degradation or the reduction of the soil’s quality under the effect of different factors. Evidently, soil is one of the most valuable resources on the planet, because without its qualities plants will not grow and as a result the variety of life on Earth would be quite poor, because there would no grass-eating animals and insects and the consumption chain would be not so varied. It does not worth mentioning that soil requires hundreds and thousands of years for its creation and development, because microorganisms which produce soil from the organic materials do not fulfil this duty rapidly. So, it is obvious that the humanity has to protect and maintain the quality of soils; otherwise people will simply die from hunger, when there is collapse of agriculture. The soil’s quality can be reduced because of the water and wind erosion and the anthropogenic activity.

Soil erosion under effect of wind occurs when the area is not protected by any natural shelters or barriers, like trees of high rocks. When the surface is flat and the wind is strong, the most productive and valuable upper layers of soil are blown away and the area becomes infertile and can suffer from deserting. Water is also dangerous for soils, because it washes away its upper layers as well as the wind does. That is why coastal areas always resemble deserts as there is no fertile soil there. Moreover, when the territory suffers from floods or running streams of water from the hills, it also becomes infertile, because the layers of soil are washed away into the lowlands.

Soil erosion is caused by natural and human activity and it is the human being who causes the biggest harm to the soils contaminating it with chemicals and changing the landscape with deforestation and other harmful actions. The student is able to observe the issue about soil erosion in detail and try to organize a well-formatted project on the topic. The project has to contain a range of issues and points which are worth researching and one should also share the methodology of writing and expectations on the research with the professor.

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  1. Prease, tell me how I work researck proposal on
    Analysis of soil erossion on agricultural activities

  2. Prease, tell me how I work researck proposal on
    Analysis of soil erossion on agricultural activities

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