MyAssignmentLab Review: Assignment Help Service with Experts

Today’s STEM programs are a rigorous and effective education designed to prepare students for a future career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Because STEM graduates are more likely to find a quality position, have higher starting salaries, and often have shorter job searches, STEM degrees are in high demand. However, the course work for STEM programs can be a challenge for even the best students. Most students who enter a STEM field do so because they are good at hands-on work or computation. But many have less facility with the academic skills necessary to complete STEM homework assignments. If you fall into the category of students who need a little bit of help with your STEM homework, what should you do?

One solution is to pay someone for help with technical assignments and homework projects. That’s where MyAssignmentLab comes into play.


What is MyAssignmentLab?

MyAssignmentLab is an online site that connects students like you with experts in programming, math, chemistry, physics, accounting, statistics, and other technical subjects in order to deliver the help students need to succeed in their courses. According to the company, they will match students with a qualified homework helper who will complete model homework assignments in a variety of technical fields in order to fully address the requirements that students provide. This help is guaranteed to be original, written by experts in the field, and fully addressing your specific assignment by the deadline you set.

But does this company deliver on its promises? To find out, we went undercover to examine their claims and the help they provide.

The Test

In order to determine if MyAssignmentLab lives up to its claims, we devised a test in order to measure how well the site does in creating STEM homework. We posed as a student in need of homework, and we provided the company with some test assignments taken from real life college courses in a few different STEM fields. These homework assignments were representative of the types of homework that students routinely receive in their STEM courses, and we chose the assignments in consultation with students who graduated with degrees in the STEM field. Then we waited to see what the people behind MyAssignmentLab had to say. We were not disappointed.

The first thing we noticed is that the people working for the site were extraordinarily helpful, polite, and knowledgeable. They not only understood the assignments we were requesting but also were able to ask knowledgeable questions to help clarify expectations. They provided guidance about what would happen once we placed our order and worked with us make sure they would meet our deadlines, even when we pushed for short deadlines to test how well they worked under pressure.

All of the work done for MyAssignmentLab is completed by expert writers who have the skills and knowledge to deliver technical homework quickly and effectively. Each writer holds an advanced degree, such as a Master’s degree or a PhD, and they have been tested and vetted to ensure that they produce high quality original work quickly and effectively. We were surprised to discover how well trained the writers were and how qualified they were for their tasks. Unlike some companies that assign work to whoever is next in line, MyAssignmentLab matches assignments to qualified experts. This means that each order we placed was completed by a writer who had specific knowledge of and skills in the subjects they wrote about.

We were also please to discover that the company promised complete originality and outlined the tests that they used in order to ensure that every paper they produce is completely original. Not only is each assignment reviewed by a second qualified writer to make sure it meets the requirements of the assignment, each is also sent through plagiarism detection software to make sure that it passes originality tests and is completely custom written.

The Results

When we received the homework we ordered, we took it to experts—students and instructors who are familiar with the types of coursework and assignments that we ordered. They were seriously impressed. Overall, we discovered that the quality of help provided by MyAssignmentLab was high, but that was only the beginning. Our team of experts evaluated the work we received and determined that most instructors would grade it a solid A. While we can’t guarantee that will be the case for every assignment a company produces, this was an encouraging sign. Beyond this, the experts were impressed by the depth of the research and the high-quality responses produced for the different types of assignments that we tested. However, that wasn’t all.

We were pleased by the quality of the communication between the company and our test client during the process, as well as the fact that all of the test assignments were delivered on time and several came in early. We felt confident throughout the process that we were in good hands and that we were kept updated as our order moved through each stage of the process.

We were also quite pleased to see the effort that MyAssignmentLab put into balancing quality with affordability. The price for the orders we placed was competitive with other services, but not so low that you would wonder how anyone could afford to work for that price, nor so high that you felt taken advantage of. The price seemed affordable and fair, and that gave us confidence that we were getting a good deal.