Adolescent Psychology Term Paper

Adolescent psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the peculiarities of the teenager’s behaviour, emotions and nervous system.

Adolescence is the period between 12 and 17 years. Of course, girls and boys survive the period of adolescence differently, as girls start growing earlier than boys, that is why the level of development of teenage girls and boys is completely different. Adolescence is the period which is characterized with the psychological and physical chances of the human body and the human organism is getting prepared to the grownup life. After the period of adolescence the human body reaches to its grownup sizes, but still the person can not be called a grownup, because her psychology is completely different. The psychology of teenagers is a very difficult and varied problem, and many scholars devoted much time to observe this issue in detail. To begin with, a teenager is very emotional and sensitive, so if something negative happens in his life, he can suffer from depression, his self-esteem and self-confidence reduce. Moreover, because of being emotional, teenagers are angry and anxious.

Especially it touches upon boys, who can become really angry from time to time and this behaviour is caused by hormones. Next, teenagers often suffer from low mood, because of various reasons – family problems, first love, relations with mates, etc. Finally, young people are associated with categorical attitude towards the world around and their worldview is radical, as they protest against conservatism, order, laws and everything what limits the human freedom, so that they protest against the system and disrespect the achievements of the previous generations and they try to find themselves in life.

Adolescent psychology is a serious and useful problem for the analysis for every student, because the period of adolescence is probably the most important one in the formation of the human organism and one should know about it as much as possible. The young person should collect information about the peculiarities of psychological development of the human organism, evaluate the teenager’s emotions, behaviour, etc. It is useful to observe the risk factors which can cause harm to the adolescent’s psychology and conclude the term paper effectively trying to answer to all the questions about the protection and support of the teenager’s psychics for his normal life as a grownup.

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