Term Paper on Anti Bullying

Anti bullying is a social movement that is aimed at the defeat of all types of bullying. Bullying is a relevant problem that is connected with physical and psychological abuse of young people, especially schoolchildren. It is not a secret that there is a target of bullying in every class. This child is neglected, mocked at and humiliated by his classmates. He does not have any friends and he does not enjoy attending classes, because of constant abuse from the side of his mates. Obviously, such children have solid problems with their psychological condition. It is easy to imagine that such children have poor self-respect and self-esteem and they underestimate themselves considerably. Bullying causes harm to educational progress as well, because if one does not want to go to school, because of constant fear, he will not be able to concentrate on studying.

Furthermore, a grownup who suffered from bullying at school will not reach success in his career, because of low self-esteem and numerous complexes. No wonder, people have understood that the problem of bullying is extremely relevant and requires instant and efficient solutions.

Professional psychologists and social workers develop their own methods that will protect children from all forms of bullying, especially cyberbullying that is very popular nowadays. They inform children, parents and teachers how to react to physical or psychological bullying, how to protect yourself from its harmful impact and how to defeat it once for all.

In addition, this movement touches upon such forms of bullying as workplace, sexual, prison or cyberbullying, mobbing, etc. because this problem affects grownups too.

Anti bullying is an important topic for research for every student who wants to learn something new about such a harsh problem as bullying. One will need to improve his knowledge about bullying, its types, its cause and effect. Young people will have to define the relevance of this serious problem and think about its solution. One should also pay attention to the original approach towards the research of this matter. It is wise to read up-to-date books and periodicals to get to know about organizations and movements that struggle against bullying. One ought to look for such organizations all over the world in order to be able to compare their structure and activity.

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