Domain Name System Term Paper

Domain name system is a varied system of alteration of the name of a computer or any other network device into the IP address.

Every computer in the Internet has its own address – the number which consists of four bites. It is obvious that it is difficult to remember dozens and hundreds of numbers, so all the machines possess names which can be easily remembered. The whole system of names in the Internet is hierarchic and it is done not to support the single source but distribute it into the smaller ones. The whole domain name of the machine can be divided into two parts: the name of the domain area and the machine’s name. In order to maintain domain name system administrators follow the originality of every machine’s name with the special computers in order to avoid situations when there are several machines with the same names. The system can be compared to the tree which is turned upside down. The tree has a root which is marked as «.». The list of the root servers should exist in every server – it is placed in the named. ca file. The file can possess another name – depending on the settings on the server. There is a certain name of the domains of the higher level, the most famous among which are com, gov, net, org, etc. Naturally, domain name system is very important for the functioning of the global network, because every computer has to possess its own definite address. The address is standardized and meets the international protocols and can be maintained all over the world.

Domain name system is the interesting and important topic for the analysis for every student who is involved into IT studies. The young professional is expected to observe the problem in detail, pay attention to the peculiarities of the structure of domain name system, the rules and standards of its organization, etc. The young person is able to observe the variety of the systems and the approaches towards the creation of the domain names for computers. The student is able to observe the problem on the basis of the definite examples of the creation of the domain names on practice.

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