Term Paper on Electric Geyser

Electric geyser is the appliance which is used for heating water. Naturally, every household requires such an appliance, because one can hardly live without hot water nowadays. Water heating is supposed to be quite an expensive service today because of the energy crisis which is becoming more and more serious every year. There are geysers of several types which are differentiated according to their size and the resources used for the production of energy. The most common geysers are the electric and gas ones. Of course, it is more reasonable to use electric geysers, because the majority of countries feel shortage of gas which is quite expensive today. Electric geysers use electricity to heat water and they resemble a small or middle-sized reservoir which works on the principle of a kettle, though it is more convenient and safer then kettle, because it is possible to control the temperature, reduce the consumption of energy, turn on and off the appliance when it is needed.

Electric geysers can be used for private purposes in a household and in the bigger buildings which serve as the workplace. The private or home electric geysers are of the smaller size, while the geysers for the bigger houses are the bigger size as well. Moreover, it is possible to combine several appliances for the single purpose providing yourself with the constant supply of hot water in big quantities. Then, electric geysers can be differentiated according to the principle of their work – there are more economic appliances, which meet the modern requirements producing enough energy without the high waste of resources.

When the student has to prepare a term paper about electric geysers, he is mainly expected to explain the purpose of this device, its structure, construction, principle of work, its strong and weak sides, etc. The young professional can observe the great variety of electric geysers, their types, prices, manufacturers and usefulness. One can dwell on the definite models of electric geysers trying to demonstrate their functions from all possible sides. Furthermore, one has to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the device applying some personal and general standards of the approach towards the matter.

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