Term Paper on Function Generator

Function generator is the appliance which is used to test various electronic devices and their functioning. It is natural that every electric device requires profound testing and it is possible to do it with the help of a function generator. The appliance is not a big in size and it powered by batteries or electricity and its duty is to produce electric signals of various shapes which demonstrate the effectiveness of the tested device. The generator produces electric signals of several kinds and wave shapes: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, etc.

Every shape of the wave demonstrates the definite type of the tested device and shows whether it works well. Function generators are most often connected to computers with the special software which guarantees the quality and accuracy of the analysis. Generators are able to produce noises and support AM and FM modulation of the radio waves. Generators are used to check the effectiveness of work of TV-sets, radios, robots applied in industry, etc. Sine waves can be seen on the device when the generator checks the quality of the energy supply to the certain building and these waves go up and down smoothly. Triangular and sawtooth waves differ from one another with the speed of rising and dropping. The field of usage of the function generators is quite wide, because the device’s service can not be overestimated in such spheres are telecommunications, broadcasting and energy supply, as these branches require constant and quality work of its numerous devices.

Function generator is the device which is used to check various electric appliances on their effectiveness and quality of their work demonstrating the character of their work with the help of waves of all kinds. The student who has to complete a term paper on electronics is expected to cover the topic on function generator in order to gain basis knowledge on this matter. The young professional can complete a term paper explaining the purpose of function generator, its construction, the types of the device, the types of waves it produces, etc. The student can dwell on the practical side of the research providing the reader with the information about the definite examples of the use of the device.

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