Term Paper on Marijuana

Marijuana is the mixture of the grinded parts of Cannabis plant which can be used as psychoactive drug or painkiller in medicine.

The most common way of making the drug is to grind the leaves and flowers of Cannabis where there is high concentration of resin. Most often marijuana is produced form the female plants as they are the richest in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main narcotic substance. People have known about marijuana for thousands of years and its effect was widely used for various purposes. The popularity of the drug increased in the 20th century because of different reasons – religions, cultural and political factors. In many countries marihuana became illegal in the 20th century while in other countries (the USA, the Netherlands) it is only slightly illegal and can be used for medical purposes.

All in all the use, storage and distribution of marijuana is not a felony and the person is punished with the fine and a few years of imprisonment for distribution. The impact of marijuana on the human health is different.

On the one hand smoking of marijuana can cause harm to the human respiratory system, though on the other hand it can be used as the good prevention of different types of cancer and an effective painkiller for the patients who fell ill with HIV. The scientists have not found serious harmful effects of marijuana on the human health. The drug just causes heart palpitations, rise of blood pressure, disturbances in sensory perception and memorization and damages the coordination of motor skills. As a result, the use of marijuana is even less harmful than the smoke of the simple tobacco cigarettes.

Marijuana is the psychoactive drug and medicine which is severely criticized in the human society. The student is able to prepare a good term paper about the effect of marijuana on the human health in order to clarify the actual danger of the drug for the human being. One is able to dwell on the statistics of various scientists who have observed this issue before and compare the influence of marijuana on the health with other psychoactive substances like alcohol and other drugs. Moreover, it is possible to analyze the problem of marijuana legalization and the attitude of the general public towards the drug.

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