Tips for Writing a Scientific Report

scientific report or a lab report is a detailed description of your experiment. You have to write about theoretical and practical side of your experiment and draw your own conclusions about your achieved results.

  1. Focus on the Theoretical Background of Your Experiment. When you write a report, you should write about the theory of your research. You should write about the subject of your research, your hypothesis, etc. You have your own hypothesis and you should prove it with the help of your experiment.
  2. Mention All Tools and Methods of Research. Every experiment should be conducted with the help of the definite equipment. You should enumerate all tools, substances, items and appliances that have been used in your experiment. Remember that a scientific report requires precise and coherent manner of writing. Therefore, you should write about the characteristic features, shapes, colors and sizes of your instruments. In addition, you should mention the time limits and terms of your experiment. It is possible that other students will decide to conduct your experiment in order to check your results on practice.
  3. Make the List of Your Actions. Every experiment is a logical process. It consists of several steps. It is important to enumerate all steps in the chronological order. It will play the role of your outline. When an expert looks at the list of your actions, he will understand the idea of your experiment better. Moreover, he will be able to find your mistakes and controversial steps at once.
  4. Describe Every Step in Detail. A good scientific report should contain a detailed description of every step of your experiment. You have to clarify the choice of the method of research, tools and equipment, their usefulness, etc. You need to be persuasive and precise. When you describe an item, dwell on its main physical characteristics. Do not insert odd words and unnecessary descriptions. You need to persuade the reader in your professionalism. Prove that you know what you do. When you write about the definite step of your experiment, you should explain your actions and choice. Try to write in simple words in order to make your description understandable to the reader. Simple actions require simple descriptions.
  5. Write about Your Results. Every experiment has its definite purpose and results. When you do something, you expect to achieve the definite results. This section is very important for your scientific report, because it clarifies the value and success of your experiment. If you have solid achievements, your report will be awarded with the highest mark. Finally, conclude your scientific report and provide the reader with appendices that will help him understand your paper better.


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