How to Write an Article Review for Psychology

article review sounds like a challenge, because a student is expected to read an article and present its main elements. When you need to prepare an article review for psychology, you should know how to organize your work properly. Although article review writing is similar in any discipline, it will be useful to get to know how to review a psychology article correctly.

  1. Read the Article Attentively: If you want to prepare a high-quality article review, you should read the suggested article attentively. When you read the text intensively, you save time and energy. Remember that you need to make notes in order to record every important idea, phrase and concept mentioned by the author. If you make notes effectively, you do not omit any sensible thought. Consequently, your review contains the major points of the article. Doubtless, a psychology article is a specific challenge, because it is a scientific piece of writing.
  2. Understand the Problem of the Article: A successful article review should contain the enumeration and brief analysis of the main psychological concepts and problems mentioned in the article. The author can write about the main issue distributing it into several minor subtopics. You ought to understand the main thought and describe it in brief. When you do not understand some psychological terms and surnames of the famous psychologists, you ought to read about them in other sources. it is impossible to inform the reader about the problem effectively, if you do not understand the author’s message.
  3. Make an Introduction: In the introductory section, you should provide the reader with the general information revealed in the article. Write the title of the text and say a few words about its author. Is his name famous in the circle of the reputed psychologists? Has he created any brand new psychological concepts? Why have you chosen his article for analysis? Then, you should prepare a brief summary of the article pointing out at its main problem. Very often, an article for psychology is based on the definite case, which has its cause and effect. There are also informative articles, which focus on the original idea of a famous psychologist about the definite psychological disorder or method.
  4. Enumerate the Main Problems of the Text: The main body of the article review should consist of the enumeration of the main points analyzed by the author. You can organize this review in a logical way. Devote a paragraph to every new thought in order to make your paper more readable. You do not have to pay attention to the slight details of the article. You need to inform the reader about the most important ideas and categories, which can be useful to the audience. Mind the language of your review. Bear in mind that you ought to prepare a scientific text. You review an article for the people who know at least something about psychology and its elements. As a result, you should use your professional language and the proper terminology related with psychology. Moreover, you have the right to express your personal point of view about the content of the article. You can agree and disagree with the author and his approach towards the problem.
  5. Conclude the Article: It is important to finish the review in the best way. Mention the strong and the weak sides of the article and say whether this information is useful to you. Remember to say whether the problem of the article is relevant. Psychology is a dynamic discipline; therefore, its concepts and methods can change rapidly. You can share your personal knowledge about the research of the same topic conducted by other experts. You are able to compare this article with the achievements of other authors and draw your conclusion about its accuracy, urgency and usefulness.

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