Mother Korean Movie Review

Mother, is a Korean film that is based on a murder suspect and the unconditional love of a mother comes to the forefront to defend her accused son. It is hard for mothers to accept anything that depicts their children in a negative manner. Such are the accusations facing one of the character’s sons in this epic film. Obviously, the mother is not only in a rare denial mood but also would rather defend her son, Do-joon at all costs.

Mother comes from a modest family, whereby she is not well endowed materialistically. However, this material lack is well balanced out by her dignity. She is a traditional herbalist. Trying to make a living in the midst of biting poverty levels, Mother employs traditional herbal remedies to eke a living. Lack is the mother of all invention. Mother goes an extra mile in using her skills to practice private acupuncture, in a quest to make an extra coin. Basically, this film depicts the squalor lifestyle that some people lead in the midst of plenty. Her son, Do-joon is spared this struggle because of his underdeveloped memory capacity. Whereas the duo are struggling to make ends meet, the neighborhood cuts a complete different image.

Do-joon is faced grazed by a speeding Mercedes. Common knowledge dictates that a Mercedes car is not an ordinary vehicle for common people. This is a high end machine, a preserve for the wealthy and the well to do in a community. The incidence leads Do-joon and his friend Jin-tae to a local country club. They follow the rogue hit-and-run driver to the club and threaten the motorist and his friends. However, due to Do-joon’s short memory, he quickly forgets why they are in the club in the first place.

The hit-and-run driver is an arrogant person. The arrogance is displayed by his speeding off even after brushing Do-joon with his state-of-the-art machine by the roadside. The confrontation at the golf club lands the duo in a police station. Assault is a crime punishable in any cultural setting. However, after a close reexamination of the prevailing circumstances, the two friends are released. However, thing take another dramatic turn. A local girl is murdered, and the chief suspect turns out to be Do-joon. This prompts her mother to step in to rescue him from being executed.

The local police are depicted to be sloppy and unfit for their work. A crime of this magnitude requires the best of the best to unravel. The police fall short of this criterion, which leaves the mother with no choice but to hire a private lawyer for her son. Corruption takes center stage and the lawyer proves to be unreliable. His only goal is to siphon money from the client. It is customary for lawyers to ask for large sums of money in order to represent and defend clients in court. Such lawyers always try their level best to adequately represent their clients and manage to prove their clients innocent of the accusations. However, in this film the lawyer is chiefly motivated by money. He doesn’t even sympathize with Mother considering she is not wealthy.

The incompetence of the lawyer prompts Mother to take matters into her hands. She starts probing the murder all by herself. As stated early, mothers will stop at nothing when it comes to defending their children. She risks it all in piecing information together in a quest to see her son is acquitted. Even though she is not a professional in this field, she does a thorough job. In her investigation, she learns that the victim happens to be a notorious local figure. In the process, she retrieves the girl’s cell phone, which she intends to use in tracking the potential killer.

Mother’s investigation work takes another unexpected twist when she locates a possible witness to the slaying. Family secrets take center stage once again in the film. She unravels a link that leads her investigation back to her family. Koreans are depicted to be mercenary and alienated. As the film progresses, so does the absurdities and ironies. The society is decayed culturally and moral values have been thrown into the wind. Amid all these negative attributes of the Korean society, holding a family together is elemental. For the sake of her family, she is determined to hold other people accountable even though she is wrong in her judgment. This shows the extent at which family members can go to, only to protect their loved ones.

Mother, is a Korean film that is centered on cultural values of a given setting. The role of a mother comes to the fore when Do-joon is arrested and faces a murder charge. The mother goes to great lengths in an attempt to defend her son from subsequent execution. She hires a lawyer to represent her son. However, when the lawyer fails to adequately represent her son, she takes up the matter and does the investigative work. The society is depicted to be corrupt whereby even the custodians of justice are willing to look the other way and subvert justice. The chief motivation is greed for money. The cultural practices in this film are perverse and nobody is willing to fight for the weak. Everybody is for himself or herself.

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