Essay on Role of Chemistry in Kitchen

Everywhere, wherever we turned our eyes, we are surrounded by objects and articles manufactured from substances and materials that are received due to some chemical processes. Moreover, in everyday life, each of us, without even knowing it, becomes a cause or an actor in chemical reactions. For example, washing with soap and water, cleaning with detergent, etc.

The role of chemistry in kitchen is also way too important. When lowering the slices of lemon in a glass of hot tea there is a weakening of tea color, as tea here acts like an acid indicator such as litmus. A similar acid-base interaction is adding some vinegar to chopped blue cabbage. The experienced cooks know that as a result of this reaction the cabbage will turn pink.

Anything, or almost anything, we do in the kitchen can be interpreted as a real and sometimes quite complex chemical reaction.

Cooking is chemistry. No wonder they say that women chemists often are very good cooks. Indeed, cooking the food in the kitchen sometimes recalls the organic synthesis in laboratory. Only instead of flasks and retorts, in the kitchen, we use pots and pans, and sometimes even the autoclaves in the form of the pressure cookers. Continue reading “Essay on Role of Chemistry in Kitchen”

Essay on Evolution of Food Habits

Magnetic stimulation of the brain areas responsible for executive functions, affect predilection to eat high-calorie food. It was a conclusion in the new study conducted by the researchers from the University Of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. They noted that after stimulating dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), the young women involved in the study had an increased appetite for high-calorific foods; they had an overwhelming desire to eat such food as soon as it appeared possible. Results of the study are presented in the Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, the official journal of the American Psychosomatic Society.

High-caloric foods are most often seem tempting to people. From an evolutionary point of view, this is due to the desire to accumulate energy whenever possible. For most of human history, this behavior was adaptive, as it ensured the survival of species in terms of the relative scarcity of food or uncertainty of its possession in the near future. However, in a relatively short period in most countries of the world, lack of food was no more a problem, but in order to sell it there was a massive advertising campaign. These changes have led to a marked increase in obesity and other chronic diseases. From the perspective of ecology in the dietary preferences, humankind is in conflict with the environment: high-calorie products appear more appealing; however, this is not an optimal choice for your health, taking into account correlation between consumption and spending of your calories. The effective management of such a conflict is under the influence of the executive functions, with the regulation in DLPFC. These executive functions are the cognitive actions that enable you to change your actions, emotions, and thoughts. In previous studies, scientists have assumed that the DLPFC activity played a key role in the formation and evolution of food habits. At the basic neurological level, DLPFC is involved in the formation of specific preferences, which make us see food products as a reward for waiting. Continue reading “Essay on Evolution of Food Habits”

Essay on Tourism and Community Development

The world experience shows that community based tourism is seen as an alternative to agriculture. Today, agriculture cannot suggest ways to substantially improve the situation in rural areas, and therefore tourism, taking into account the perspectives of community development, can provide some economic stability. It is community based tourism that offers new economic activity that is recreational in its form, environmental in its essence, and social in its approach.

In addition, use some essays on tourism and community development to learn what determines investment in rural infrastructure, transportation, communication, trade, and public utilities.

Starting from 70’s. in European countries there has been a significant increase in the development of community based tourism.

Among the main reasons for this process are the following:

  1. a difficult economic situation in the agrarian sector in most of Europe countries has led to the search for new, “outside the agricultural rural employment”;
  2. during this period against the backdrop of a tourist boom and significant commercialization of mass tourism, the popularity of alternative tourism, which promotes an active vacation in a clean natural environment and local population, significantly increased.

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Essay on Child Abandonment

There are various reasons for the child abandonment. Most often it happens that the abandoned child is left by a single mother. In a nursery home or hospital, a woman writes a statement renouncing their parental rights, leaving the child to the State. Unlike the found babies, the identity of the child in such cases is known. Having received the status of “abandoned,” the child should be sent to orphan’s institution or to the foster family.

The typical justification for such a step is the illness of a child. However, biological parents also often abandon completely healthy children: due to the scarcity of material status or household problems, or a minor mother due to the fear of persecution for unwanted pregnancies.

The kids are experiencing serious deficits in attention and communication that leads to the so-called emotional hunger, most of the time they spend in their beds, are not provided with personal items, hygiene supplies, means of care.

Psychologists warn against toughening laws against such will of the mother. In the face of even greater threat of child-murder, which today happens to be due to the same reasons. Continue reading “Essay on Child Abandonment”

Essay on Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution took place in different countries in different periods, but in general, the period, when these changes occurred, started from the second half of the 18th century and continued throughout the 19th century. The industrial revolution was characterized by rapid growth of productive forces based on the heavy machinery manufacturing and the adoption of capitalism as the world’s dominant economic system.

The industrial revolution not only led to the mass use of machinery, but to changing the entire structure of society. It was accompanied by a rapid increase in labor productivity, rapid urbanization, rapid economic growth, and rapid increase in the population’s living standard. The industrial revolution allowed for the time of only 3-5 generations to move from an agrarian society (where most of the population lived from farming) to the industrial one.

It should be mentioned that The industrial revolution was accompanied by and closely associated with the industrial revolution in agriculture, leading to a radical land and labor productivity growth in the agricultural sector. Continue reading “Essay on Industrial Revolution”

The Count of Monte Cristo Essay

Like many other works written by Alexandre Dumas, the novel The Count of Monte Cristo has been written with a language unusually easy for understanding. In my opinion, this novel deservedly is considered a classic of world literature. Despite the fact that the book is quite large in volume, it can be read at one sitting, so fascinating is the story of this piece.

The storyline is thought out down to the last detail: the action is unpredictable; the reader is constantly on his toes, trying to understand or figure out how this fascinating story will end. The main character is certainly admirable: inner nobility, perseverance, courage, spirit, acute sense of justice, honesty, and integrity along with the courageous appearance, a picture of a noble man. All his actions found not just approval, but admiration, and the reading about the exploits of a brave and just man was for me, and I think to a million other girls, a pleasure.

In addition, it should be noted that Alexandre Dumas very skillfully and colorfully creates characters of his personages: in the novel you will not find a uniquely “bad” or “good” people. Each character is extremely interesting, controversial, and unique, which is very important for any work. As interestingly and brightly, the author describes those places where events unfold. Moreover, he is so expertly conveys the mood, drew attention to the key things and details that make it very easy to imagine everything, which, all in all, creates a feeling of liveliness and complicity in events, independently whether a personage is thinking or is riding on a horse. Continue reading “The Count of Monte Cristo Essay”

Developmental Biology Essay

Developmental biology is a science involving the greatest range of biological problems. It plays a unifying role for different biological sciences and provides the framework for the integration of molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, anatomy, oncology, immunology, and even evolutionary and ecological research. Study of the embryonic development of organisms is necessary to understand any other fields of biology. Developmental biology is considered basic for studying other biological disciplines.

The development of a new life is a spectacular process, which constitutes a masterpiece of controls temporal and spatial gene expression. The developmental biology focuses on the effect of different genes on phenotypes and epigenetic parameters likely to modify them. The discoveries in this field of investigation to understand development, such chromosomal anomalies anomalies of Down syndrome.

Multicellular organisms are formed as a result of quite a slow process of progressive changes, called development. The multicellular organism development generally starts with is a single cell, a zygote, which divides mitotically and gives the beginning to all the cells of organisms. The science that studies the development of animals, by tradition, is called embryology, because the developing organism from fertilized eggs to the stages before birth is called an embryo or fetus. Continue reading “Developmental Biology Essay”

Research Essay on Black Holes

Black hole is a region in space-time, whose gravitational pull is so great that it could not even be left by the objects moving at the speed of light, including quant of light. The border of this region is called the event horizon, and its typical size is the gravitational radius. In the simplest case of spherically symmetric black hole, it is equal to Schwarzschild radius.

In theory, the possibility of the existence of such space-time regions is based on some exact solutions of Einstein’s equations, the first of which was received by Charles Schwarzschild in 1915. The inventor of the term is unknown, but the designation itself was promoted by John Archibald Wheeler and first publicly used in popular lectures Our Universe: the Known and Unknown, December 29, 1967. Earlier such astrophysical objects were called “stars” or “collapsed stars” as well as “frozen stars.”

The question of the real existence of black holes is closely related to how true the theory of gravitation, which shows their existence, is. In modern physics, gravitation theory, confirmed experimentally, is the general relativity theory (GRT), confidently predicting the formation of black holes (but their existence possible and within the other (not all) models, see: alternative theories of gravitation). Therefore, the observed data are analyzed and interpreted in the context of GRT, although, strictly speaking, this theory is not experimentally confirmed for the conditions corresponding to the region of space-time near black holes of stellar masses (but is well confirmed in the terms of supermassive black holes). Continue reading “Research Essay on Black Holes”

Free Space Tourism Essay

Space tourism refers to the space or orbit flights, financed by private funds with entertainment or research purposes.

The idea of space tourism for the first time, was reflected in a number of works by Barron Hilton and Eric Kraft, published in 1967. They first tried to promote an idea of space commercialization. At that time, the attempt was not successful.

Space tourism began to develop in the late 20th century. In 1986, the report on the Potential Economic Implications of the Development of Space Tourism was read at the International Astronautical Congress and caused a lot of discussion not only in research, but also in business circles.

The first tourist would become an American teacher Christa Mcauliffe, who died when the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986 year. After this incident, the Government of the United States passed a law that prohibited to non-professionals flying into space.

In 1990 and 1991, respectively, there were the first commercial flights with Japan astronaut Toyohiro Akiyama and Helen Sharman from United Kingdom, who flew to the Soviet space station “Mir” on spacecraft Soyuz TM-11/Soyuz TM-10, Soyuz TM-12/Soyuz TM-11 on non-State-funded projects by private broadcaster TBS and the Juno (a consortium of British companies). Continue reading “Free Space Tourism Essay”

Essay on History of Fashion

The history of fashion studies type, way, representation, and the domination in society in the period of certain forms related to different spheres of human existence: art, clothing, speech, behaviour, etc., which are due to the national traditions, perceptions of aesthetic ideals, prevailing tastes, cultural and scientific achievements, the development of economy and industry, household needs.

Fashion, despite its authoritative, vivid expression, is short-lived, as there is an unquenched thirst for novelty and an attraction for diversity in human. Change in fashion is the rhythm, like the breath of life itself. That is why it carries prints of various phenomena. The fashionable outfits can be influenced by some artistic trends and fads of some dandies and political development and the economic stratagem by textile workers, it as well can be the conflict of generations, and the nostalgia for the past.

The history of fashion is perhaps the most truthful mirror reflecting through clothes the essence of society of the certain age. Ancient Greece gave us the classical art and philosophy. The human body was considered a standard of beauty and perfection. The clothes then were of high aesthetic level, and observed a certain proportion and harmony of lines. Continue reading “Essay on History of Fashion”