Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Research Paper

Criminal justice professionals such as police officers make decisions daily, and they have to recognize when an issue requires ethical consideration. Moreover, criminal justice procedures and actions all have a moral implication. These actions and inactions are either right or wrong depending on a person’s values and beliefs. It is crucial for a police officer to understand that every move he or she engages in has consequences and ramifications. About criminal justice, ethics are principles that govern law enforcement. Therefore, without a set of moral guidelines, criminal justice professionals such as police officers cannot meet the demands of the public accurately and appropriately. Continue reading “Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Research Paper”

Enterprise Planning and Implementation Research Paper

Executive Summary
“Ford Motor Company” is one of the leading automakers in America. The company’s business depends mostly on brands that are durable and safe to the end-users. Customers have shifted their focus towards brands that incorporate smart-driving and capability to user wearable computing devices to guarantee road safety. This paper explores the milestones made by Ford to tap the potential of wearable computing technology and what needs to be done to boost the implementation of the new technology. The report features external and internal drivers, the strategic plan for implementing the latest technology and practical recommendations that can help the company to optimize implementation of the new technology.

Organization: Ford Motor Company
“Ford Motor Company” was founded by Henry Ford along with other 11 investors in 1903. The automaker is one of the leading manufacturers of tractors, trucks, passenger vehicles and a variety of automotive accessories and parts and it is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan (Hatton 2017, 9,542,781). The company is one of the global automakers that have decided to employ wearable computing technology to elevate sales and optimize the levels of customer satisfaction. Continue reading “Enterprise Planning and Implementation Research Paper”

Regulatory Policy Life Cycle Challenges: An Empirical Analysis

Central banks are regulatory institutions that practice oversight over local banks. Regulatory policy life cycle challenges affect the effectiveness of regulatory processes for each stage of the policy life cycle poses challenges to the regulatory process (Garcia-Murillo, 2005). Central banks are the regulatory institutions for local banks because they exercise oversight authority over the financial institutions (Whitford & Tucker, 2012). Although the central bank offers banking services to local banks, the sole aim of the existence is to regulate the financial systems by developing and implementing standards for administering local banks. Regulation is defined as a broad term that encompasses the development of numerous policies, frameworks, laws, rules, and regulation towards the development and implementation of standards. Regulation is not restricted to banking as numerous other sectors with a nation are regulated (Beck & Woolfson, 2000). Therefore, in examining the role of central banks of regulating local banks and the challenges faced, it is essential to evaluate the concept of regulation in general (Michael et al., 2016). Several theories have been published covering the origin of regulation in multifaceted sectors (Bovens et al., 2001). This document aims to conduct a critical review regarding policy life cycle stages and the challenges offered by each during the instigation of regulatory policy by a regulator such as initiating, analyzing, implementing, and monitoring the regulatory policy. Continue reading “Regulatory Policy Life Cycle Challenges: An Empirical Analysis”

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Report

The following research report scrutinizes the alcoholic beverage industry by an exhaustive analysis of the industry dynamics through Porter’s five forces analysis. To be precise, the report will focus on threats to new entrants, the bargaining power of consumers, the bargaining power of suppliers, and the threat of substitute products.

The Threat of New Entrants
The alcoholic beverage industry in the recent past has experienced a threat to new entrants. An in-depth study conducted, according to Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (2019) on the industry reveals that the sector has recently been engaged with increasing opportunities on innovation, which have consequently allowed new entrants into the market. Such opportunities have provided increased revenue for suppliers (Mordor Intelligence, 2019). In 2018, it was documented that the alcoholic beverage industry revenue accounted for a total of $ 27.5 billion, which equates to a 2.2% rise in sales (Globe News Wire, 2019). Continue reading “Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Report”

Adolescent Anxiety Research Paper

Adolescence is a critical phase in the growth and development of human beings as it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Adolescents experience both physical and psychological changes. Not every adolescent can put up with the numerous changes they undergo. To some people, anxiety during adolescence is overwhelming and many results to severe psychological conditions. Some adolescents experience an overwhelming sense of fear while others find it hard to stop thinking about stressful situations. It is normal for everyone to be anxious for various reasons. Anxiety is a natural and essential emotion that every human being experiences in life. Psychologists affirm that anxiety to signal through a series of worry, fear and this alerts them that danger or sudden, frightening change is about to take place. In some occasions, anxiety is an exaggerated and unhealthy response to issues one might be experiencing in life. To some adolescents, anxiety becomes a chronic condition constantly affecting their ability to carry on with their normal daily activities with ease (Skriner et al., 2018). Incidences of adolescents’ academic performance deteriorating due to anxiety have been reported indicating the severity of the condition and its potential consequences. This anxiety contributes to a lack of interest in taking part in extracurricular activities in school, inability to make and maintain supportive friends among other social problems. This paper seeks to explore various issues related to adolescents’ anxiety, common signs of anxiety disorder among adolescents and reviews how adolescents can to be assisted to overcome adolescent disorders among other issues related to anxiety. Continue reading “Adolescent Anxiety Research Paper”

Daydreaming Research Paper

Daydreaming refers to the temporary detachment of an individual from the immediate environment. When a person is daydreaming, he or she is in a trance-like state of mind, and reality is replaced by a fantasy world where all dreams and desires come true. Basically, there are many types of daydreams and psychologists do not have a standard definition criteria. However, it is a universally accepted fact that all daydreams are dissociated from reality. According to Freudian psychology, daydreaming is a form of manifestation of suppressed thoughts and instincts in a manner similar to those of normal night dreams. In addition, psychologists agree that daydreaming is a form of wish-fulfilment that is induced by a sense of relaxation. Daydreaming strengthens the capacity of the brain and improves its physical health, but over indulgence in negative thoughts can lead to mental illnesses. Continue reading “Daydreaming Research Paper”

Personal Business Plan Paper

Background Information
Apparently, every sane student in any learning institution at least has a common goal which is to excel in their studies and be able to fend for themselves and their future families. In a summarized form we all need to earn cash to sustain for ourselves after school. The difference will come in on how each of us would like to earn that money. Interestingly this is where entrepreneurship comes in. This meant for the people who would like to be their own bosses and be depended upon by other employees. I personally like controlling what I do so I go for creating my own business. Notably, all business become successful if you make use of a business plan which is simply a benchmark that one follows so as to achieve their business goal (Leonard, 2010). It is like a roadmap since it tells you what to expect in the business and the alternative routes you can take to achieve your goals. Continue reading “Personal Business Plan Paper”

Global Economy Research Paper

Background and Context
In the modern world’s business environment, there is high competition between organizations because of rapid developments in the global market structure (Steers and Nardon 12). Therefore, there is need to structure the management component of any business organization properly to ensure increased productivity, sustainability, and competitive advantage. It is important to note that regardless of the business type, leadership and management of any business play a central role in achieving its objectives and goals (Kaplan et al. 4). Looking at the McKinsey & Company’s progress since its birth will ensure a comprehensive understanding of the management aspect of the business especially from a global perspective.

McKinsey & Company was founded in the year 1926 by Professor James McKinsey of University of Chicago (“McKinsey & Company” 1). The key aim of the company’s founder was to enhance accounting and engineering fields through development of professional advisors and managers capable of successfully leading any business organization to success. The company bears his name thanks to his efforts for ensuring nurturing and development of leaders and managers who are focused towards the global market. Continue reading “Global Economy Research Paper”

Uber Research Paper

Globalization denotes the reduction of barriers or boundaries that exist between people. Globalization has seen the world change to a village where communication which is the sharing of meaning has been made easy.

Various apps have been introduced to enhance this globalization, One such app is under which is a transit app that links a customer to a driver within a given location. The app uses GPRS and mobile communication to understand the location of the customer for easy movement. The growth and development of uber has seen transport made easy with people getting picked and reaching their destinations without having to travel to a central location to access public means of transit. It has also improved convenience and above all led to economic growth and development of the countries like the UK where it started (Chang 1). Continue reading “Uber Research Paper”

Fishing Industry in Atlantic Canada Research Paper


Traditionally fisheries were a constituent part of the life of peoples inhabiting Canada. In fact, it is a historical trend which may be traced from the experience of native tribes till the present moment but, it is worthy of note that basically, it is after the arrival of Europeans fisheries in Canada acquires the mass scale. In this respect, it is important to underline that the richest region for fisheries was and still is considered to be North Atlantic, territory which are characterized by rather severe climate, but, nonetheless, extremely rich in different species of fish.

At the same time, it should be said that fisheries in the Atlantic Canada have undergone several stages of their development. Basically they may be defined as follows: the first stage when the native tribes and first Europeans were occupied by fishing; than European influence grew and they eventually colonize the continent and organize their fisheries concessions that significant changes in traditional fisheries; after that the competition between European and colonial fisheries became so serious that it was even possible to speak about the fight for fishing grounds; and, finally, the 20th century, probably one of the most important and controversial periods in the development of fisheries in the Atlantic Canada which actually lasts till the present moment. In such a way, it is possible to estimate that fisheries in the Atlantic Canada developed evolutionary and was characterized by gradual growth from occasional rod fishing to mass fishing which is the characteristic of the today fisheries. Continue reading “Fishing Industry in Atlantic Canada Research Paper”