Operational Risk in the Financial Industry

management, as described by the Insurance Institute of America, is the process of making and implementing decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of accidental business losses of an organization. Throughout the past few decades, different industries experienced quicker globalization, deregulation, and a boost of activity surrounding new products, instruments, and services. An inevitable outcome has been an elevated exposure of various sources of risk for trading, construction, insurance and financial institutions. Results of risks occurring in corporations lead to damages and ultimately to financial consequences. The resulting value reduction, or losses can be characterized as financial risk. A large portion of these financial risks is attributed neither to market nor to credit risk, but rather to operational risk. Continue reading “Operational Risk in the Financial Industry”

Overpopulation Research Paper

world’s constantly growing population causes many environmental, social and economic problems. People are concerned about the natural resources and are unaware of the fact that overpopulation is a real problem that endangers life on earth as we know it.

Overpopulation leads to famine, pollution, unemployment and poverty, it is a real problem not only for underdeveloped countries, but also threatening the entire human population. Similar to the occurrences in the animal kingdom, the population growth sets a chain of events that can be catastrophic for human life on earth. Continue reading “Overpopulation Research Paper”

Human Engineering Research Paper

The study on the structures and functions of the human body, which started to take its modern form during the Middle Ages, had was traditionally based on the end rather than the means. The first hard evidence for the working principles of the human genome, which were suggested about a century ago, initiated a scientific revolution, which continues at full speed even today. This revolution is so great, that its intensiveness is only undermined by the debate it arises.

The study and practice of genetic engineering is quite developed today. Although it exists in almost every aspect of agriculture, the heated discussion over genetic engineering in human, even if it comprehensible, is among the biggest anomalies of our age. In fact, the very existence of this debate should be questioned, as human engineering should be regarded as the biggest hope of humanity to solve the most basic question of science – how do we become what we are, and how can we change those elements in us that we cannot control. Consequently, this paper calls for the most logical thing to do: To continue, to widen and to support the science of human engineering. Continue reading “Human Engineering Research Paper”

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Paper

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is state of neurological and cognitive deterioration, which is associated with structural and biochemical changes in the frontal and temporal lobes in middle and late life (Markowitz, 2005). Typical symptoms include impairments of recent memory, orientation, comprehension and reasoning, as well as psychological, motoric and neurological difficulties (ibid.). With increasing prevalence rates and over 400,000 new cases a year in the US, AD is the fifth leading cause of death in the elderly and the third most costly disease in the country (Dharmarajan & Guniuru, 2009). This paper summarizes the principal features of AD, as discussed by Dharmarajan & Guniuru (2009), with special emphasis on the fields of nursing and healthcare management. Continue reading “Alzheimer’s Disease Research Paper”

Paradise Lost Research Paper

the scope of this research, we will analyze JOHN Milton’s famous work “Paradise Lost” and illustrate how it is correlated with the so-called Romantic Revolt of the early 17th century. “The romantic revolt against traditional formalities gratified those displeased with the narrow limits of neoclassic literature, painting, and architecture.” () This was the revolt against rationalism and Milton, with his work ‘Paradise Lost’, showed an example to other writers how to speak in poetic prose in order to move hearts and minds of the people.

Milton’s showing inequality between Adam and Eve is one of the most significant aspects of the revolt addresses above. Milton addressing Eve “resembles less/ His image who made both”(8.543-4), believes that Adam is the superior being of the two. Inequality with regard to intellect also exists. Eve realizes that her “beauty is excelled by manly grace/ And wisdom, which alone is truly fair” (4.490-1), suggestive of Adam’s wisdom surpassing not merely hers but her most extraordinary attribute as well, her beauty.

Moreover, Milton notes that Eve leaves Adam and Raphael’s conversation because she cannot endure “thoughts abstruse” (8.40). Spirituality is yet another inequity in Paradise Lost. Eve attaches to God’s law through her husband, who happens to be her law. She is not told about the inhibition by God, but by her husband. Eve does not learn from God’s angel Raphael, but again through her husband. Adam is made “for God only, she for God in him” (4.299). Continue reading “Paradise Lost Research Paper”

Astronomy Research Paper

Current research in astronomy embraces a range of problems related to the peculiarities of different celestial bodies and ways in which better knowledge of astronomical phenomena can help humans in various spheres. This paper will explore two important areas of research. The first is an attempt to explain the truncation of stellar discs with the application of the magnetic hypothesis. The second is a more general problem related to the ongoing research aiming to define the age of the universe.

Truncation of stellar discs
The paper prepared by a team of researchers from University de Granada in Spain attempts to test the viability of the magnetic hypothesis in the explanation of the truncation of stellar discs. In their mind, the formation of the stellar disc is influenced by three forces including magnetic and gravitational forces, inwards, and centrifugal forces. The sudden suppression of the magnetic force at the time when the new disc is formed is accompanied by insufficient gravitational force that cannot retain the disc at the same place. As a result, the disc is bound to shift into intergalactic space from its galactocentric orbit. The scientists predicted that their observations would demonstrate this discrepancy between the actual and the galactocentric radii which they called “truncation radius”. Continue reading “Astronomy Research Paper”

Research Paper: The Benefits of Human Cloning

cloning can create a wealth of potential benefits for health care and society. Thus, it can help fight the worst cases of infertility, giving couples that were considered hopeless a chance to produce offspring. Techniques developed in cloning can also overcome birth defects and be used to improve genetic composition of newborns. Somatic cell nuclear transfer technology applied by scientists who produce clones helps to generate transplants that do not trigger an immune response and thus allow treatment of previously incurable diseases. Continue reading “Research Paper: The Benefits of Human Cloning”

Marketing Management Research Paper

maximization and satisfaction customers’ requirements are two essential objectives of any marketing management. Marketing management uses a lot of instruments in order to achieve these goals with the best possible results, and of course market segmentation is one of them. Market segmentation has been an important tool of marketing management that helped such world-wide known corporation as Nestle and Reebok reach tremendous popularity among customers all over the world. When a famous sportswear company Reebok International held its first segmented marketing, it increased its sales of sports footwear from .3 to 0 million in a rather short period of time (a couple of years). At that time vice-president of Reebok announced in one of his interviews that “Reebok relied on intuition, observation, and one-on-one conversations with retailers and potential customers and discovered a hidden, but very large market segment – women” [1]. Not all companies dare to hold market segmentation due to its large expenses and tunnel vision on future of those companies, because the majority of them are satisfied only with present success not thinking about future and more important goals. Market segmentation often goes side by side with product differentiation, which is a market strategy used to make companies goods and services seem different from those belonging to the competitors. The main principle that distinguishes these two methods is the object of study. While market segmentation tries to identify the characteristics of the market and develops strategies to reach meaningful segments, product differentiation distinguishes the product from a group of similar products. However, in this research paper the major objective is to analyze market segmentation, its ways of accomplishment and major factors that are necessary to take into account while determining the usefulness of market segment to a company [2] Continue reading “Marketing Management Research Paper”

Taliban Research Paper

The Taliban (of Arabic ??lib (????) for “student”) is a political-religious armed Islamist movement founded in Kandahar in 1994 and ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996-2001.

The Taliban movement is a mainly Pashtun organization that follows a fundamentalist form of deobandilara, an ancient South Asian variant of sunniislam, combined with strict devotion to pashtunwali, the traditional lifestyles and cultural norms. The Taliban has its origins in the rugged Pakistani refugee camps where Afghans fled to after the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan in 1979 and today, they have a great influence on the Pakistan side of the border.

Many members are trained in the ultra-conservative madrassor, Koranic schools, which are very common in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Taliban has its origins in the religious warriors (Mujahedeen) who fought the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan’s Government and the Soviet forces in the country from 1979 to the end of the cold war. The religiously conservative general Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq took power after a military coup in the neighboring Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1977 and feared that the Soviet Union would invade Pakistan, so he sought help in Saudi Arabia while the United States has already encouraged the Saudi royal family to support armed rebel groups in the country. Through its allies, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan were able to contribute significant amounts of arms to the conflict and General Zia-ul-Haq did equip insurgents in training camp provided by the CIA. Powerful religious scholars in Saudi Arabia encouraged young Muslims around the world to go to Afghanistan and waging holy war against the “godless Communists”, but besides these foreign fighters, there were indigenous Afghan groups of varying ideological conviction but united in opposition to the Government and its Soviet allies.

In April 1992, religious warlords seized power and formed the Islamic State of Afghanistan. Almost immediately Afghan civil war broke out, in which Islamic Republic of Pakistan supported the continuation of uprising against the new Government (mainly by Hezb-i-Islami). Various groups of newly-allied warlords took up arms against each other, the already weakened state apparatus fully collapsed and lawlessness spread all over the country. The Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia also took advantage of the power vacuum by supporting the various guerrilla groups in the country. It was in this climate when the country underwent a total collapse and Mullah Mohammed Omar formed its own militia of 50 students from Pakistani madrassa in the southern city of Kandahar. The movement grew in a few months from a few hundred poorly armed students to over 15,000, thanks to the return of Afghan refugees from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In the spring of 1994, they took first armed actions against the corrupt local authorities.

The hallmarks of the Taliban movement is a ultraconservative vision of women with a basis in strict interpretation of religious law (sharia) that was implemented throughout the areas that were under their control. Among others, women considered to be obliged to wear the burqa, a garment that covers the body and your face with only a veiled gap for the eyes. Women were forbidden even to work and attend school after the age of eight, to drive or take a taxi without a male guardian, and have separate hospital facilities to treat men and women. In April 1998, the Taliban issued a decree which completely prohibited the women leaving home and decreed that the window to the House which was attended by women would be shaded, in order to avoid the looks from the street. Teachers who educated women secretly risked the death penalty.

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Military Technology Research Paper

Military technology remains a driving sector where the expenditure on research and development is decisive. At the end of the twentieth century, the USA spent nearly 14% of the budget for defense. Today this figure increased significantly due to the large investment in the field of research and development.

The fact is that advanced technologies, with their new and more refined approach, remain initially reserved for the military or scientific before be extended to the civilian sector. Satellite positioning system, for example, was largely focused on military use before being partially opened to civilian community.

Electronics is particularly dominant component in the weapon systems, in particular, in the air force, for the combat aircrafts and various missiles, as well as in space, with satellites and launchers. To the point that some voices denounce the excessive «technologization» in the weapon industry and its impact on the costs of armaments programs. It appears in fact that 5% of high technology weighing up to 20-25% of the cost of a program. In turn, excessive high-tech may prove prohibitive export to countries that cannot have such an advanced weapons.

Nevertheless, new technologies, especially information technology, have helped revolutionize the development and production, as, for example, Optronics helped open a new market for the sector of intelligence and observation. They have influenced the military industry that has been able to adopt new requirements.

Science does not stand still and the technology that seemed fantastic and unreal has long been used, and even more unrealistic projects already are preparing for implementation. It is no secret that a large number of new technology has long been used in the military before moving to the civil sector.

Now there are is enough quite promising studies in this area. British experts has created a special paint, which is able to ensure invisibility to the enemy eyes on the battlefield. Coat of paint is applied on a surface, and external video cameras collect data about environment and send it to the onboard computer, which analyzed the data, and “re-paints” machine in accordance with certain colors. Thus, the technique almost merges the vehicle with the environment. By 2015, it is planned to supply such samples to active duty.

Israeli experts have developed a system that analyzes thermal images and displays the image on special screens that are on the surface of the military craft. Such a technique allows to be invisible to a variety of night vision devices, as well as weapons, which uses a system of thermal vision.

In America, the same program has been established for the creation of a special camouflage for the fighter, which will be able to blend in with the environment.

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