Sample Essay about Drunk Drivers

ever thought about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Do you know how many accidents occur because of the irresponsible behavior of drunk drivers? Why do people decide to drive when they are drunk? Doubtless, the problem of drunk driving is very relevant. Millions of accidents occur because of the harmful behavior of the drivers who have decided to drive their vehicle being drunk. It does not worth mentioning that such careless people cause harm to their health. Moreover, they become the cause of the terrible accidents, which steal dozens of human lives. I want to observe the issue on drunk driving in detail in order to understand the roots of this phenomenon.

In the majority of countries, driving under the influence (DUI) is considered to be a serious crime. When one has decided to drive his motor vehicle under the effect of alcohol, he is a criminal. In the majority of cases, such people lose their driving license. In my opinion, this decision is right though it is important to pay attention to the level of intoxication. A person who has drunk one beer is hardly able to cause solid harm. Naturally, laws are different in different countries. In some countries, the government protects its citizens radically. When a drunk driver is caught on the road, he loses his driving license for three years. Moreover, when one has drunk a mug of beer, he cannot drive his vehicle. There are countries, which are more liberal towards this issue. Drivers are permitted to consume a bottle of beer or a glass of wine without the fear of being punished. In my opinion, the attitude towards drunk driving depends on the intensiveness of traffic and population in the chosen country. When the roads are overloaded with cars, even a sober person has troubles with driving. When the roads are empty, the tension reduces and a drunk person cannot cause harm to anybody.

Obviously, driving under the influence is a very irresponsible action. Sometimes people do not have another way out than to drive home being intoxicated. Of course, such cases occur extremely rarely.

When a human being practices drunk driving systematically, it is a deviation. Such people must not be permitted to drive at all, because they are careless and irresponsible. They do not care about their own life and the life of other citizens.

I would like to write a few words about the impact of alcohol on the driver’s organism in order to emphasize the danger of DUI. To begin with, nearly every drunk driver thinks that he is able to control his motions easily. They think that alcohol does not influence their brain. Of course, they are wrong. When you consume alcohol, it influences the functions of your body and the speed of your reaction. Alcohol also reduces your skills, which are necessary for successful driving. It is interesting that a drunk driver has a narrower area of vision; therefore, he cannot see the entire road. He does not see the people and vehicles, which occur from the both sides of the road. He cannot react to the rapidly changing situation. Secondly, a drunk driver cannot shift his attention from one thing to another, because the processes in his brains are slowed. He can see another vehicle or person on the road, but he cannot move aside to avoid the accident, because his motor skills are reduced. Finally, a drunk person cannot evaluate the situation on the road objectively. Consequently, such people take risks believing that they can cope with any challenge on the road.

Drunk driving is a very serious and urgent problem nowadays. The number of vehicles on the roads is so high, that we must not tolerate drunk drivers and their irresponsible behavior, which can cause harm to our life, health and property.

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