What Goes in Abstract of Lab Report?

lab report is a complicated assignment. Students conduct their experiments and describe them in their lab reports. One has to write about the actions, methods and findings of his scientific experiment.
Obviously, this paper consists of several sections. Each section has its own rules of writing.

You will learn how to write an abstract of your lab report if you look through these simple tips.

  1. Mind the Length of Your Abstract. When a student is asked to prepare an abstract for his lab report, he is always confused, because he does not know what to write there. To begin with, an abstract is a brief summary of your entire experiment. You ought to write about the most important elements of this report in the most condense way. You need to mention the purpose of the research, its key results and conclusion. The entire abstract consists of 100 words. This section is very brief and you will have to insert much information into one short paragraph. Evidently, one should train a lot if he wants to master the skill of brief writing.
  2. Describe the Purpose of Your Experiment. Every abstract of a lab report should clarify the purpose of the experiment. When you conduct a scientific experiment and analyze the definite problem, you expect to achieve the definite results. You have your own hypothesis and predictions and you expect to achieve the predicted results. It is smart to write about the aim of the experiment in the simplest words. When the reader understands the purpose of your actions, you can be calm about the quality of the entire lab report. Therefore, write precisely and clearly. The reader should catch your point of view and expectations at once.
  3. Mention the Key Results. The abstract should contain the results of your experiment. Obviously, you must not describe and explain them in detail, because you are expected to write a short paragraph about your entire report. You ought to enumerate the major results of your research without any detailed explanations. It is reasonable to devote one or two sentences to this issue. When you have any calculations and visual results of your research, just present this information as your major achievement.
  4. Present the Key Points of Your Discussion. You should write a few words about the discussion of your experiment. Say about your expectations and actions. Present the most significant point to the reader in order to make him understand the crucial moments of the experiment. It is smart to enumerate the most important elements of your experiment in order to illustrate your approach towards the research. Naturally, you do not need to demonstrate many points. Most often, students focus on the most important one in order to save time and space.
  5. Present Your Major Conclusion. Every experiment has its result. It can meet your expectations or break them. You should learn to prepare the briefest conclusion, which will summarize the result of your experiment. When you check the definite rule or theorem, you simply say whether your results meet this rule or scientific law. When you have achieved any unexpected results, you can say that the research broke your entire hypothesis. Bear in mind that should not evaluate your research critically, because you can do it in the discussion and conclusion sections. You should write only dry facts. Write about your expectations, predictions, hypothesis and results. The reader should see your main actions and the most significant achievements in order to understand the aim of your work.

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