Abu Dhabi Municipality Essay

Digitalization in front offices and call centers for public offices continues to be a significant issue in business. It is always essential for companies primarily in the current generation to make sure they stand in a better position regarding technology used and the number of customers they can service at a time. Abu Dhabi Municipality is currently facing challenges pertaining to customer service from the front desk and the call centre. They rely on paperwork to respond to demands in the markets and questions raised by customers. This creates bulk and a lack of a properly formulated response system that can be relied upon to make the final decision.

Companies and organizations in the current generation strive to use digitalized response systems to queries, and this is what Abu Dhabi Municipality should be looking forward (Walliman 2017). It is intolerable for a company of this magnitude to continue bearing such an amount of challenge.

In most cases businesses tend to develop new ways of managing their customer traffic, in the modern-day society, the best way is to develop a computerized system that will easily access files at the click of a button and can equally stretch to responding to queries in due course. Abu Dhabi Municipality has very many customers, and the only way they have is to computerize their system such that the front desk can receive a notification the moment there is a query raised to them and respond modestly. This solution is better because it keeps off the bulk of the work which is in hard copy and instead opts to rely on online solutions where documents and files can be easily accessed and ensure services are relayed to customers quickly and faster.

Identification of change
Computerized recording of queries
The main idea in this is to come up with an automated model of recording issues brought up by clients. The major problem at the moment is the tracing of files ones they are submitted. At the Abu Dhabi Municipality, they receive several clients in a day which ends up creating bulk in term of files and paperwork. The world has evolved, and they need to do away with these files and put these files in electronic documents which can be traceable. The idea here is that upon the filing of a query, the client is supposed to be given a tracking number which he should be able to carry it along during the process of follow up. This number is then supposed to be used as a unique code for the specific case in question. When the client comes back for another round to follow up on the same issue in question, the number should be sued to track the records within the system (Gold et al. 2018). This will make work easier as every case will have a unique number and that the nature of the system will be such that the moment one key in the case ID number, then the files appear hence enabling ease and speed in tracking the case in question. It makes it easier to solve most of these issues at hand also increase the possibility of efficiency and transparency in the company.

Computerized records are all about the safety of the document. In the automated system created, it will be easier to keep the documents safe because they are held in software which can be tracked from any other machine rather than the physical files which must be manually brought in and at times end up disappearing or even get torn in the process. The end product of this case is correctly stored documents with the assurance that they will less likely get destroyed, tampered with or get lost mysteriously.

Computerized response
After creating a good system for recording questions at the front desk, the next step is to ensure that there is a fast response. There will be no need recording faster and then slowly responding to them. The idea here is that the system that will be brought in will have the ability to answer some questions on its own without even forwarding it to the front desk. The front desk will also have online support which ensures the minor queries are directly answered without recording (Gold et al. 2018). The significant issues that need enough time to handle will be the only ones that need recording and tracking ID number. This way, it will ease the jam generally experienced at the front desk as some customers will be served online by the same department without the need to come over for the same services.

Timely response is the key here. In so long as one poses a query, if the answer can be offered immediately, then they shall have a prompt reply directly and in case it needs some more time, then the way out will be to have the system or online support give the minimum and maximum number of days that the response will be offered. To obtain a solution to issues raised will also be done online not unless in cases where the physical presence of the client is a must/necessary. It is vital for this company to send an email to the clients to offer them progress on their issues and upon finding a solution, the decision should equally be sent via email. The target here is to reduce the bulk of paperwork and people at the front desk which this system will have taken care of in totality. In so long as there is a solution that can be long-lasting and needs no intervention by the public, then that should be the way to go. Severally, customers have had to go through the struggle of going to the Abu Dhabi Municipality only to be told to wait for some few days for the response, in this case, the solution we are offering reduces the traffic of people and increases the efficiency of employees. This brings a certain quality to the station because it provides a guarantee that some members need regarding the amount of time their issues need to be solved and how fast they can get a response regarding the means of communication and the inconvenience of getting to the front desk for an answer.

The Smart Hub Application for the call centre
The Smart Hub Application is an artificially intelligent application that records complaints and directly sends them to the complains center. This offers some hope to most of the users because this is a system that looks to the future and enables customers to reduce calling in and having to be forwarded after some time to the complains center which might take over three months before getting to that stage (Quinlan 2019). In essence, it reduces a case of three months to less than three days because the complains center will now be receiving the issues directly without waiting for a medium to record and send them to the office. This will increase the efficiency of this office regarding speed even as the future is based on developing a system that can accommodate the massive population around which needs to be served well. The most important step here is in making sure that all the customers are given priority and that the response system in place is fair enough as to accommodate everyone.

The application will artificially record the cases, and problems then send them to the relevant office after which it will notify the user of the time frame they should wait for a response. The perfection in timing is what will excite many because it will be operating on a set minimum number of days to be spent and a stipulated maximum in which the case should not pass that stage at all costs. It is more reliable to come up with a stable and secure system like this one which offers users reprieve regarding the time they spent waiting for a response from over three months to less than a week. Consumers want the best system that is available to be used for them because this is a public office which needs to invest their very best in serving citizens and for such an investment in the call center, it will be highly appreciated considering the restraint among users it will have reduced at this stage.

Ease of Access to call center
All these improvements aim to ease access for users and ensure efficiency for the market. Being that this is a local authority involved in the business of serving the community with basic needs including business licensing among many more other activities, it is essential to ensure there is ease in accessing these services. In years, complaints have been raised as to how serious this department of government is courtesy of poor access to the call center and the tedious processes involved in filing cases with them. In this case, the proposed idea will bring in a solution that will probably last longer than the current situation. It is essential to ensure that all these services accorded to the market are offered following the urgency the people have in having proper functions. The application in question is all aimed at improving operations at the company and to enhance the amount of time spent on solving issues (Szende & Reddy 2017). If there is a likelihood of reducing the amount of time from a maximum of three months to three days, then it is possible to say that this is definite progress recorded in the organization for the moment. Through the application, users will at the click of a button forward their complains directly to the complains center of this organization hence increase the possibility of getting assistance faster. Initially, their complaints had to be received by an intermediary, be recorded then forwarded to the complains department. It is this situation that this application will change as customers will have their issues sent directly to the department which is more comfortable and faster concerning response.

Theoretical concepts
The first change theory is the Kurt Lewin change theory. It is premised on three steps which offer very high levels of change. Under this theory, the manager is offered an opportunity to change and implement their independent ideas which counts as a sensitive and a possible motivation. Kurt’s idea is on ensuring that we have a system in place which delivers the best result to customer. In this case, it is essential to have people getting the right services in an expeditious and just manner that can be appreciated by all. It is more important to ensure that all people are given equal treatment. In providing that people in this municipality get quality services and are guaranteed a place in the table of success concerning service delivery, then it is a time to dream of concerning the improvement of service delivery in authority as a whole (Szende & Reddy 2017). At the moment, it is vital to ensure that the system comes in place faster and catches ground from the starting moment and then used to spearhead development concerning improving the quality of services that are offered at the moment.

The organizational change theory is the next theory. It involves changing an organization’s strategy, procedures and technologies. In the field of service delivery where Abu Dhabi Municipality belongs to, it involves streamlining the processes to ensure that they are aligned with the demands of the customer base and also look forward to ensuring that quality delivery is the final target. It is essential to provide that people have a system in place that looks to their interests rather than one which only focuses on being there as a skeleton or a dummy set in position for people to experience and not enjoy. In the service industry which is the major for this organization, it is always critical to have a system that can take care of the clients without malfeasance. At the moment, fewer people are served per day and in some case postponing services for up to a month or a maximum of three. This is horrendous because most of the employees at this organization are going through so much pressure in the name of trying to offer services to the customers who are the locals in these regions. This will be a crucial stage for the organization to look at because it improves their situation in so far dealing with large numbers of requests is concerned. In so long as the clientele is happy, there is a likelihood that the company will equally gain regarding recognition and rating in the business and the service delivery industry in general.

Local authorities are modeled to offer services to the market in as much as most of them end up disappointing their clients. Abu Dhabi Municipal is a perfect example of this situation and is an expression of a failed institution which has insisted on not growing. At the moment, the systems take so long before someone can get their issues solved. The people of this city appear to have had enough, and there is a higher demand for an immediate change an intervention of the leaders to ensure that there are better services more so at the front desk and the call center. In any organization, the front desk and call center are vital in ensuring that there are better times ahead, most of the users pass through these two stages, and when they are slower in response, it means that the company/organization, in general, is slow. As a result, the case of Abu Dhabi sparks more interests in making sure that there is some improvement in the delivery of services from the company and at the same time also make sure that clients find ease in accessing the different services involved.

Local authorities vary in quality for most companies and organization, and in this case, I am looking forward to having an improved life for the clients in place. The future is solely computerization, and here we are looking to improving the livelihood of the people by making sure that they are served in a timely and well-programmed manner. By looking at the systems we intend to adopt, the first in line is the improvement and setting of a method and an application that takes in requests then forwards them to the correct department for immediate response to issues. The way in place will equally offer a proposed timeframe for problems to be solved, enough time that is expected to have the different issues cropping up get explained. It will provide the best chance for most of the customers to interact with the organization and have their problems solved in the fastest way possible.

The best opportunity for this company to take up is in increasing its prominence amongst clients. This will only be possible the moment services offered comply and match to the demands of the market. Most people visit the place, and their experiences are never good for them to leave any positive feedback hence increasing the need for the organization to improve on how it treats their customers and make matters better by these proposed ideas.

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