Action Painting Essay

The author of the painting “Convergence” Jackson Pollock was born in the United States of America I 1912. He is considered to be one of the most prominent painters of Abstract Expressionism, and especially so-called Action Painting. Pollock never used careful brush strokes while creating his masterpieces.  He used to spread his canvas right on the floor and pour or drip different kinds of paint right on it. Pollock did a lot of experiments with his paintings, he never hesitated if he had to lean or step on his canvas. He implemented multiple changes to his existing works before finishing them. Pollock’s style of painting is unique and original, and his “Convergence” is a good example to prove it.  But can it be considered an example of fine art?

Fine art is usually represented by paintings or sculptures that are created for aesthetic expression only. Indeed, Jackson Pollock’s “Convergence” can be only used for admiring and trying to understand what the author wanted to say by creating it. Every painting has its soul, and only person who understands what art really is, can see this soul. “Convergence” is not just an arbitrary composition of paint.  It is a work of art, because it was created by a professional painter, who learned the theory and practice of classical drawing and composition, and also painting styles of American regionalists. When Pollock was in need of money, he painted large murals. Some of his most famous murals were painted for Works Progress Administration known as “Federal Art Project”. In 1936 he started his experiments, but it wasn’t until 1947 that his experiments with dripping paint were acknowledged as special technique of painting. Nowadays, Jackson Pollock is one of the most famous representatives of American Abstract Expressionism.

Pollock created “Convergence” in 1952. It is oil on canvas.  He had his canvas on the floor, that’s why large drops of paint can be seen. Apparently, the author used dark colours first, and then he dripped some bright colour paint on top of the dark one, such as orange, yellow and blue.  “Convergence” can be considered as a true example of fine art, because it has its own and unique composition, and because special techniques were used by the author to create it. Jackson Pollock treated his paintings like they were living creatures; he thought that every painting had its own life.  Thus, it becomes clear that a painting created by Pollock cannot be considered as something created just for amusement. It is a painting created for deep thinking and understanding it, like any other work of fine art. Hidden meaning of the painting can be read through ornate lines of paint and paint drops, through colour variations, starting with dark and gloomy colours to light and bright colours.