An Inspector Calls Essay Example

An Inspector Calls is a social drama by the English author John Boynton Priestley and one of his most famous works. Priestley wrote it within a single week in 1944/45.

The piece tells the story, which took place in 1912 in the fictional Brumley, an “industrial city in the Northern Midlands.” The name can be understood as a reminder of the towns Brad.

The respectable bourgeois Birling family has a little family celebration -Sheila’s daughter’s engagement party. But suddenly an uninvited guest appears at the door of the house – police inspector Hull. He says that this morning a certain Eva Smith committed suicide, and begins the long and difficult conversation, during which it is revealed that all five family members at one time crossed their paths with those of the deceased and each has left a dramatic mark in her life.

Eva Smith was a woman who worked in the company owned by Arthur Birling. One day there was a strike with demand to increase the salary of which she was the ringleader. That is why Arthur fired her. Two months she lived in extreme poverty. Her luck changed when he got a job at Millward. One day Eva was fired again for throwing a tantrum with Sheila Birling. She changed her name to Daisy Renton. Under this name, Gerald, whom she gave the best time of his life knew her.

He gave her a house. However, as Gerald was the boyfriend of Sheila he left Eva later. Eva or Daisy did not throw any tantrum with him, since she was very grateful to him. But she returned to poverty and had to work as a prostitute. There was a certain Eric, her lover who left her pregnant. Seeing as she lived in poor condition, Gerald lent her money, and she knew that he had stolen it from Arthur. When learned that she left him saying she does not want his money. The worst thing that happened is that when she went to ask Sybil Brumley society of charitable help she was refused it saying that the father of the child should take care of it. This made her desperate and made her commit suicide by drinking a disinfectant.

The work was premiered in 1945 in two theatres of Moscow. Its first representation in English dates back to 1946 at the New Theatre in London, with Ralph Richardson as Inspector Goole, Julian Mitchell as Marian Spencer, Harry Andrews as Gerald Croft, Arthur Birling as Sybil Birling, Alec Guinness as Eric Birling, and Margaret Leighton as Sheila Birling.

Cedric Hardwicke was the director of representation on Broadway between October 21, 1947 and January 10, 1948.

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