Term Paper on TV Violence

TV violence is the practice of broadcasting TV programmes and movies which contain too much violence. Nowadays the problem of TV violence is quite relevant, because every day people watch TV and see there movies and programmes with the scenes of crime and shocking content which can cause harm to the human psychics. Naturally, TV is a kind of business and one of the means of manipulation of the human mind. Obviously, the scenes of violence not just disturb the human mind but also shock the society and cause harm to the vulnerable child’s psychics. When the child spends much time watching films full of the scenes of crime, he will gradually think that the scenes are real and numerous phobias can be caused. In addition, TV violence is supposed to cause such problems as child violence and child anxiety, because the child watches the content and absorbs the information treating it positively.

Very often children who watch violent movies and cartoons transfer this violence on the streets and into the family treating negatively younger brothers and sisters. On the other hand, violence on TV can cause a very specific problem – indifference towards the real dangers, family abuse and pain.

For example, if one sees violence on TV all day round, he will get used to it and will not pay attention to the violence in his family, in the street, international military conflicts, etc. Violence will stop being a shocking but will become a regular thing, a norm of the human everyday life. Numerous organizations and activists protest against TV violence and demand TV companies to reduce the hours of such programmes or broadcast them only at night.

TV violence is the problem which is associated with the advertisement of violence with the help of the mass media, TV in particular. The student has the opportunity to observe the problem in detail and learn about the issue on TV violence more. One should focus on the profound analysis of the matter trying to understand the cause and effect of the violence broadcasted on TV and think about the solution to this problem. It is obvious that the student is supposed to analyze the problem in the global way comparing the issue on the examples of different countries.

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