Essay on Awareness of Human Rights

Strengthening human rights abroad is in the best interests of the United States, believes the Director of the Washington Office of the Human Rights Watch Tom Malinowski.

“In most cases, there is no difference between American national interests and human rights,” said Malinowski 20 June at Hudson Institute in Washington during the political discussion titled “The mission of America: discussion on the strategies of promotion of democracy and human rights”.

He noted that, in his view, the main problem facing the United States is a common trust. He recommended that the US President Administration “be a voice for all dissidents, and not just those who like United States” and called on it to support all those who expressed peacefully.

Under-Secretary of State for Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky gave details on the efforts the United States exerted to promote democracy abroad. She said: “democracy is the cornerstone of the US President Administration’s foreign policy.”

She said the importance of multilateral diplomacy, referring to the “greater Middle East and North Africa,” launched by the Group of eight industrialized countries, also known as G8, and stated that she made “democratic reform, a central pillar of our country and other countries in this key region.”

Dobriansky also mentioned the United States Millennium Challenge account, which she described as “poverty alleviation” tool to reinforce democratic practices provision of international development assistance, and the initiative of the “Middle East partnership,” which, she said, “is making significant progress in support of democracy.”

Jennifer Windsor, Executive Director of Freedom House, added that the US President Administration should not “confuse democracy with US public diplomacy.” She agreed that promote democracy it is necessary not only to those who agree with the policy of the United States.

The Journal of Democracy editor Mark Plattner recalled President Obama’s inaugural address, 20, in which he stated that democracy would be the central theme of the second term of his presidency. According to Plattnera, the policies and actions of the Obama Administration in this field “in general really have had a positive impact.”

Michael Horowitz, a member of the Board of Hudson Institute also spoke of the need to involve women in the United States in promoting democracy and human rights, and said that about the emancipation and empowerment of women, including the right to vote for them as a remarkable phenomenon of the 21 century.

Horowitz called on intelligence agencies to submit documentary evidence of atrocities committed under repressive regimes, including North Korea’s concentration camps. Then you can use this evidence to justify a policy of promoting democracy in these countries as a response to oppression.

“These democratic principles set the direction of what we are trying to build, cultivate, or to strengthen,” he said.

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