Research Paper on Stress Management among Students

Stress is a state of the individual in extreme conditions, manifested at the physiological, psychological, and behavioral levels. It is a reaction of the organism to external stressors. Some of the stressors cause stress among students. Among them, there are school tests, admission to a higher education institution, the beginning of a new life, a new relationship with other students and many others. While studying in high school, students not only get some knowledge, but also are actively engaged in social activities. However, there in not always time to have to handle the incoming problems one at the time, so students have to deal several tasks simultaneously, which also causes stress.

It is known that most of the students are making a major effort in preparing for exams. During the examination session, the students do go tired and even may develop depression. The empirical study, using a test of academic stress, designed by J. Rough, was conducted among the students fourth year studying comparative philology. The testing took place in the middle of semester. Such factors as the academic load, strict teachers, unwillingness to study, lack of textbooks, conflicts among the students, and shared accommodation were less than expected.

Other stressors slightly exceed the norm, namely: personal problems, poor dieting, fear of the future, inability to properly organize daily routine. Main indicators of well-being, alertness, and mood did not exceeded the normal range. The test showed that the most stressogenic factors were the lack of privacy, as well as inappropriate allocation of personal time. Average examination excitement in this group was 8.3 (normal 6.0), which is a major stress factor.

Studies conducted among teachers and social workers, clearly showed that in this occupational group, there is a risk of early occurrence of adverse effects of prolonged stress. Initial symptoms of mental burnout are already seen in a group of young teachers with little experience. Therefore, the students have to take the necessary preventive measures. To confirm the results, we can mention the survey on students of pedagogical specialties, enrolled at the University. The study of behavior and experiences associated with the work, showed that adverse mental health behaviors are often among the student populations, which was noted almost in a half of the group studied. This situation is even more disturbing because it was mainly the first-year students.

We should also mention the average level of social support by the immediate environment. This can be explained by first-year students adaptation to the new conditions of work in the learning environment. In this period, there is an adoption of new social roles of personal perception and development of attitude to others as elements of the new social environment.

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