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57-year-old millionaire Thornton Melon, owner of the Big and Fat chain, as a result of an unexpected visit to his son, discovers from Jason’s letters from college that he is one of the most gifted students, brilliant diver and all the girls’ dream, which is really just a fiction. But Thornton won’t leave it like that!

His business will do well on its own, but his son needs his attention. For what he comes to College as a student. Though he does not have a certificate of secondary school graduation, he finds a possibility to make a tidy sum for the construction of a new business school. Overgrown and oversized student goes for it without any hesitation.

All the best jokes has already found their place in the movies. Classic stories explored every possible and impossible ways to make people laugh. Guff-ball of any kind regularly made to stretch facial muscles of moviegoers. The majority of the movies of this genre live short lives, and only few become iconic.

can consider the comedy by the American director Alan Mettera Back to School original only at the onset of nostalgic feelings. Maybe you feel exactly like going back to your school year when everything was right and the whole life was ahead.

Those days Sun seemed oppressively bright, jokes were reckless, and actors were unleashed. But after some closer (or sober) look we realize that the director has not risen above “The Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow” level and acting, screenplay or music component was not destined to catch the annals in this movie genre.

A simple story slowly unfolds in one of favorite American comic scene — College. It is here where the main character is seeking to infiltrate on the wave of an emerging hormones, to … Well, of course, to master the scientific intricacies of astronomy or literature, and what have you thought? It is a passion for education that does not give rest to each the venerable American, even though he is a successful businessman of retirement age.

The locomotive role, pulling an hour and a half movie who solemnly presented to Rodney Dangerfield, a not very popular comic who knew better times. Inveterate fans of the original the Simpsons may recognize his voice in the voice of Larry Burns, and most fans recall his Lucifer in Little Nikki. I liked Rodney playing this role. He fairly puffed and groaned, portraying his passion to women, when the rest of the characters were much more cartoons-like.

Perhaps if the story was not that unrealistic, the comedy became more popular. The simple moral family values are not the worst idea ever invented, but in my opinion the movies creators tried to squeeze some juice from long ago squeezed fruit, which is not the best idea.

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