Essay on Benefits of Meditation

Many believe that meditation is akin to dreams. My advice to those who thinks so: try and see whether it is or not. It is not so simple to meditate, at least at first. When I did this for the first time, instead of focusing on the breath and get away from all that comes to mind, as my Tibetan mentors advised to me, I succumbed to a flood of anxious thoughts and fell asleep. This happens with all noobies.

“Do not give up. Be persistent,” would be an advice from people who practice meditation for a long time. “During the process of trying your consciousness is being transformed and you can overcome your destructive emotions that are bothering you, as well as your pain and suffering, are the word by Buddhist monk Matthew Rickard. It is a centuries-old legacy of Buddhism available to everyone. To use it, you just need a desire and tenacity. Sounds tempting, but what science does think about this?

In the past 10 years, experts studied the impact of meditation on cerebral circulation in experienced masters of meditation and novices using functional MRI equipment. According to the data received, meditation really has a significant effect on the human psyche, his temperament, and physical health. The study also shed some light on how it actually works. If a man will begin to better understand what is going on in his head, it can’t be anything but good, says Clifford Saron, a leading specialist of Shamatha, one of the most ambitious scientific research on the nature of meditation, which is being held at the Center for the study of intelligence and brain activity at the University of California.

In 2007, in Colorado, a curious experiment took place. During three months, a group of neuro-physiologists and psychologists, which included Sharon, studied sixty experienced meditators, assessing changes in their mental abilities, emotional condition, and physiological state. The meditators applied the technique of concentrated meditation, in which attention is focused on the sensations that occur when breathing.

The study, which was conducted under the direction of Catherine Maclean from the medical school at Johns Hopkins University, measured the level of attention. The test subjects watched a sequence of vertical lines that were projected on the screen. They had to point when they saw the line shorter than the other. The longer the subjects meditated, the more attention was paid, and the longer they managed to hold the attention.

A direct relationship between meditation and attention has been identified in other studies. Last year, scientists from the University of Wisconsin have found that after a three-month meditation course with focusing attention, the subjects more quickly and accurately pointed tones different from the others in the range.

But how, by focusing on the breath, can you bring a change in your consciousness?

Perhaps this is due to the exercise of memory that defines the ability to hold in mind pieces of information required for the momentary mental activity. McLean believes that meditation is a way to monitor every second changing feelings, and for that, it is necessary to keep them in memory.

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