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Sula is the novel written by the American author Toni Morrison in 1973. The novel is one of the numerous successful books by the famous writer who has received Nobel Prize and several other awards in the field of literature. Sula describes the live of the African Americans in the town Bottom in Ohio. The major character is Sula Peace – the girl who lived in unconventional family and the whole town treats the family as the eccentric one. Sula’s best friend is Nel and she is completely different with Sula, because her family is conventional and they always follow rules and try to keep to the regular traditional lifestyle. In spite of the deep difference the girls became best friends and remained such till high school when they decided to choose the different path in their lives. Nel chose family life and got married with Jude while Sula left the town and lived her own life.

She was heard to carry out the immoral lifestyle spending time with numerous men, even the white ones which was too embarrassing for the citizens of Bottom. When Sula returned home, she was met in the negative way and this attitude became even worse when she had an affair with Nel’s husband who decided to leave his wife after that. Sula was the personification of evil and sins and people of Bottom united against her, but the union and cooperation disappeared just after Sula’s death as people lost their scapegoat. The attitude towards the novel is quite different among various critics and some of them connected it with feminism, other with lesbian love and disrespect towards the family life.

Sula is the famous novel written by Toni Morrison describing the controversial life of a woman. Obviously, the novel is quite difficult for the objective analysis, but still the student is able to prepare a term paper about it trying to analyze the book in detail and find out about the problems and characters illustrated in the text. One is not expected to dwell much on the plot, he should pay maximum attention to the analysis of the themes and social and psychological problems hidden between the lines of the text and demonstrate the detailed description of the personalities depicted in Sula.

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