Essay: Can We Prevent Third World War?

The Third World War is one the most widely spoken topics of the latest 50 years. Do you believe in the probability of the third global military conflict? Why is this conflict dangerous? Will our planet survive? These questions bother billions of people inasmuch as every day we hear about numerous conflicts in different parts of the world. Every day hundreds of people die because of explosions and shots. Every day thousands of people fight against one another trying to defend or conquer a territory.

The ghost of war has become very close. People are afraid of the global military conflict that can arise because of various international disagreements and quarrels. The latest events in Syria and Ukraine look like the actual signals and alarming indicators of the Third World War.

When World War 2 was over, people understood that they must not repeat the same mistakes again. Nearly every European country lost at least one million citizens. Such countries as Poland and Germany lost about 6 million people. The USSR lost about 25 million people. You can see that the number of victims is enormous. Millions of families were ruined. Millions of children lost their parents and happy childhood. In addition, that war is associated with such inhumane inventions as concentration camps and new kinds of weapons. Millions of people were tortured and murdered. Without doubt, 1939-1945 were the most violent and insane years of the entire human history. There is hardly a prudent person in the world who wants to experience the fears of war on her skin. No wonder, the global community established the UNO to maintain peace on Earth and avoid any other military conflicts of such scopes.

After World War 2, the planet was under the threat of another global conflict. Fortunately, this conflict limited to the political tension between the USSR and the Western Bloc. The tension was known as the Cold War. This conflict was very stressful, because both parties possessed nuclear weapon. They could destroy each other several times. Due to the sober minds of both sides, the weapon of mass destruction was not used. Nowadays, the situation repeats forasmuch as Russia and its allies demonstrate their force to NATO. The world lives in exaptation of the Third World War.

I suppose that we do not need to live in constant fear, because we are able to prevent World War 3 easily. We differ from our parent and grandparents. We have the access to information and technologies.

I agree to the statement “Who owns the information, he rules the world”, because we cannot be cheated anymore. We are able to read and watch live news about the situation in every part of the world. The government of any country cannot distort and alter this information, because we are able to check it immediately. People possess smartphones and cameras and they can make audio and video records of the events taking place in their areas. For example, when the troops and military vehicles of another country cross the border of a state, the local people can film it. The invader will not be able to make any excuses pretending that nothing has happened. Scientific and technological progress has provided people with the access towards Truth.

Although young people are supposed to belong to the so-called ‘egotistic’ generation, I see many pluses in this statement. Such ‘egotistic’ and ambitious people respect themselves possessing dignity and self-esteem. They will not let anyone cheat them. They will not tolerate violation of their rights.

Everyone is the master of his own destiny, thus he will not join the army just because his government has ordered him to do so. Such young egotists will protest against any unfair military conflicts and they will not participate in them. Everyone realizes that war is the best method of earning money whereas very few conflicts occur on the religious or ethical background.

Ultimately, it is possible to prevent the Third World War if our society takes an active stance on this problem. We should keep abreast of the latest events in the world and react to any haphazard actions of our government radically.

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