Presidential Leadership Essay

is known to be the head of state. This person is supposed to be responsible for the entire nation. Who is the ideal president? What qualities should he possess? Everybody knows that president is the most important position in the country. This person represents his state on the international arena and maintains its economic development. Doubtless, presidents have many roles and responsibilities.

The President of the USA has a great number of powers in comparison with the presidents of other countries. Everyone knows the name of the American President though very few people have ever heard about the President of Germany. It does not worth mentioning that a president is a leader of the whole country. This person is expected to possess a great number of skills and qualities, which will help him rule his people effectively.

When one speaks about presidential leadership, he wants to define the most important qualities, which help a president rule his country.

In my opinion, the leader of such a high level should possess deep knowledge in the fields of economy, international relations, business and management. Every country is a firm. The firm is managed by a smart administrator who is good at human resource management, logistics, marketing, etc. A president should fulfil the same administrative functions. He should organize the work of different branches of economy, improve the performance of his people and maintain the wellbeing of his staff. In some ways, this approach is similar to the concept of servant leadership. Presidents must not care about their own wealth. They should think about the wellbeing of an average citizen. Of course, presidents have to invent various policies and solutions, which can improve the current situation in their countries.

To my mind, the most important quality of every president-leader is his close connection with his people.

Moreover, he should possess his own point of view about the existing problems. When a president is ready to defend his own thoughts on public without the fear of being murdered or removed from office, this person deserves respect. There are very few presidents in the world who really care about the condition of their country. When we look at this problem from the side of history, we will see that such presidents were murdered. Very often, the presidents of this kind are called Fathers of the Nation, because they contribute into the development of their countries.

A president has many responsibilities. He should play the role of the main representative of his country on the international level. He should be a commander-in-chief of the armed forces of his country.

Therefore, he is supposed to be cool-headed, fair and decisive in order to make important decisions soberly. This person is expected to maintain peace and security in his country. A president is a brilliant diplomat who is able to establish contacts with the representatives of other countries improving the prestige of his state on the global level. This person should possess strong charisma in order to charm the quests from other countries.

Finally, a president is an expert who is good at economic issues and management. He should be aware about the solution of various critical situations, which reduce the quality of life. He should be able to invent the most effective methods that can change the economic condition of the country for the better.

This person should be able to control the activity of the parliament and court and share his objective opinion about the work of these institutions.

Presidential leadership is a special kind of leadership, which is characterized with the highest responsibility. A president has the most important position in his state. Very often, he is the leader of his own party. He is a guardian of the economy, a chief executer and diplomat, a commander-in-chief and the ‘face’ of his country on the international arena.

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