Reaction Paper about Climate Change

have read an article about climate change recently. The author enumerated many factors, which influence climate change and stated that anthropogenic factors are the most harmful ones. What is climate change? Why should people care about the increase of the average annual temperature? How can climate change affect our life? Climate change is not just the increase of the average temperature on Earth. It is the alteration of the weather patterns and climate in general. This problem is very urgent and requires rapid and effective solutions; otherwise, the humanity cannot survive on this planet.

In my opinion, the author is right, because human actions are very harmful for the natural environment.

Climate change is not just the result of volcanic eruptions and greenhouse effect. It is caused by people and their carelessness. I believe that it is possible to solve all environmental issues easily.

Unfortunately, people do not want to change their lifestyle. They continue cutting down forests, killing animals, littering, increasing the number of automobiles, plants and factories. They do not care about pollution and its harmful effect on their own life. They build a factory, which pollutes water and air and consume this polluted water and breathe in the contaminated air eagerly. People have got used to pollution, production of wastes, deforestation and extinction of biological species.

I guess this problem is closely connected with globalization and big business. Everybody knows that money is the most important thing in the world. It is impossible to survive without money. No wonder, the absolute number of people believe that money is more important than trees, animals, air and water.

They are ready to do anything to earn more money. They will cut down the entire forest in order to sell this wood and gain profit. They will produce oil polluting seas and oceans, because oil is money. They will devastate enormous areas of soil in order to create new coal- and goldmines. Large corporations build new enterprises in different parts of the world in order to increase profit. Obviously, this problem is related with the growing effect of consumerism. Corporations produce more goods, because people demand more goods and services. This demand is growing constantly. The pressure on the natural environment and resources is increasing too.

Doubtless, when one builds a new factory, it causes additional harm to the environment. Every additional car produces carbon dioxide emissions and releases them into the air. No wonder, the average temperature on Earth is increasing rapidly. The problem of global warming causes a great number of the related problems. To begin with, there is the increase of the sea level on the entire planet. All areas, which are situated below the sea level are flooded. This phenomenon is caused by the melting of glaciers, which release much fresh water into rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Vast territories will disappear under water in a few years if the temperature continues increasing. Then, the temperature causes the weather changes. It is possible to see such natural phenomena as tornados, landslides, hurricanes, lightning, etc. in the places, where they have never occurred. It means that the climate on the definite territory has changed; therefore, the entire local environment should get used to other weather patterns, temperatures and natural disasters. People have to pay for their carelessness, because climate change affects their health, life and economy. When the weather changes on the definite area, it is impossible to grow the same vegetables and fruit. As a result, the economy of the state suffers.

As you see, climate change is a very relevant and serious problem, which requires effective solutions.

It affects people and animals. When the climate changes on the definite territory, people, animals and plants have to get used to these changes and alter their lifestyle. I guess people should start thinking about the natural environment and reduce their devastating effect on the planet until it is too late.

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