Essay: Can We Well and Truly Forgive Infidelity?

do you understand the term ‘infidelity‘? Should we forgive infidelity? How does infidelity affect our psychological wellbeing? It does not worth mentioning that infidelity is a very delicate and stressful issue. It is hard to accept the fact that your girlfriend or wife has had an affair with another man. This information can affect one’s mind negatively. One will at least feel disappointed and ruined. It is difficult to imagine that the person you love has decided to have an affair with someone behind your back. In my opinion, it is useless to be angry with your wife/husband about this incident.

One should be ready to forgive this action, because it is very important for his/her psychological health.

I should say that there is a big difference between restoring a relationship and forgiveness. When you have become the victim of infidelity, you are not expected to restore your relationship. It is better to leave your wife or husband, because this person has already made her choice. It will be difficult to coexist with her in future. Such relations are not healthy and sincere. The ideal family is based on respect, credit and support. In case of infidelity, these principles are broken. Nevertheless, you should not be angry with this person, because she is not guilty. We do not choose whom we love. We should forgive her and continue living our regular life. In my opinion, the best way out is separation, because if you are betrayed once, you will be betrayed again. Of course, there are couples, which decide to restore their relations, because their love is stronger than negative feelings. To my mind, this scenario is possible when the offending party asks for forgiveness. When this party is not sorry for this action, there is no need of restoring a relationship.

I believe it is important to forgive another party, because it improves your psychological wellbeing. When you are always angry with the offending party, you spoil your health. You are always disappointed, stressed and depressed. You will have headaches and problems with sleep, heart, digestion, etc. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will be reduced. You will lose your love for life. In my opinion, one must not stay long in this condition. Our mind requires relaxation and peace. The best way out is to understand the source of infidelity and forgive your offender. When you forgive him, you will be able to start your life with a clean slate. You ought to spend time with friends and make new acquaintances. It is possible that you find your new love soon.

There are many people who say that we should forgive infidelity, because forgiveness is an integral part of the true love. On the one hand, it is right, because healthy relations cannot exist without forgiveness. Probably, your wife/husband has decided to cheat you by mistake. Probably it was an occasional action, which will never happen again. In this case, it is possible to think about forgiveness. If you do not want to lose the person you love, you can give her a chance. Doubtless, everyone deserves a chance. However, it is unwise to forgive a cheater several times. When the case of infidelity repeats, you should not try to restore your relations, because this problem will occur again.

The problem of infidelity is very controversial. It is possible to look at it from different sides. From the point of view of ethics and morality, it is smart to forgive your offender, because it restores and purifies your mind. It is important to forgive your husband/wife, because you can also become the victim of temptation. Finally, restoring a relationship is not the same as forgiveness. It is reasonable to forgive the cheater but it is unwise to restore your relations, because they will no longer be fair and transparent.

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