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Communication is an integral part of people’s lives. In the information age in which transfer of information from one party to another has been made easier compared to pre-modern or the pre-computer age, communication has been given supreme priority. Governments that have a need to safeguard their own security have allocated considerable budgets to intelligence and intelligence sharing especially in the wake of the threat of terrorism. Similarly, large multinational organizations operating in a much reduced global village also share information through multiple avenues across a variety of divisions including research and development, marketing as well as finance. News networks have similarly also invested in proper communication means. Good communication is also important in education. The class introduced numerous important areas that a communication expert needs to master in order to ensure that that the message being passed across is not only delivered through the best possible channel but is also relayed in the most appropriate way for quicker decoding. The process of encoding and decoding messages via proper communication channels employs a simplified model with a checklist of critical elements.

Organization in communication is central to proper delivery. This is the case drawing from the fact that any piece of communication that one needs to share has a unique sense of coherence and can only be understood by the addressee if he or she is able to synthesize the organization of the message. The main idea of a communication event is better decoded when one understands the context within which the message is being served. This is especially important owing to the fact that messages that are usually delivered without context are normally hard to understand because they lack the material that can enable one to preempt the core element of a piece of communication. Context also helps a communicator to narrow down the message. Narrowing down the message usually ensures that the message is clear, succinct and precise. The next stage of a piece of communication is the body of the text. This is normally the gist of a piece of communication. It contains the main idea or the message. Prior to leaving the stage, it is required that one concludes by summarizing whatever he or she was relaying. This is better achieved by helping the audience aware that the communication event is coming to an end.

Another aspect that arose during the class was the manner in which a communicator outlines a public speech. Public speaking can best be understood as an art that needs to be mastered. A good communicator is one who is able to read audience cues and respond to such cues by feeding it the appropriate message. As an art public speaking requires one to also master a few tactful ways that are critical to winning over the attention of the audience. To win over the attention of the audience one needs to boil a degree of excitement in the audience. An excited audience is able to actively participate in the communication while at the same time also actively listening. This ensures that the message is passed across successfully. A good communicator also needs to understand that it is not recommended to over-dwell on certain aspects of a given communication. When one spends a lot of time on a subtopic it creates a degree of stress and boredom which hampers the ability to maintain the audience’s attention. Reading these cues is important if one needs his or her message to pass across.

The class was also of the opinion that a good communicator also knows when to relieve tension in the audience especially in cases of tense communications. During somber communications, for instance one can usually relieve the tense mood by appealing to religious bereavement which primary acts as a symbol or signal for hope and positivity. Similarly if one encounters a moment of awkwardness or uneasiness during a much jovial communication revisiting earlier lighter moments can easily refocus the attention of the audience. The class ideally introduced me to these unique ways of communicating properly which initiated my departure from the conventional understanding of the process.

There is also a great degree of checklist items that one needs to consider prior to delivering a timed message for a specific speech purpose. Primarily, most individuals are not aware of the element of time during communication. Subsequently, there is an almost guaranteed chance that individuals may often find themselves running out of time before they can conclusively pass across their message. The class ideally was of the opinion that good communication ideally requires one to concentrate on a few particular points as opposed to trying to cover several issues.

Another critical element that came out of the class was the fact that communication is diverse just as it is unique. This implies that communication varies whereby there are official and non-official forms of communication. Significant to note is the requirement to frame both forms of communication differently to avoid miscommunication. While formal communication requires one to frame issues using a more profession tone non-formal communication on the other hand allows the communicator the liberty to be personal. However, this does not necessarily give one the outright freedom to employ unacceptable informal language for instance obscene terms. Use of such terms might wrongly communicate ones character.

The class however failed to employ more demonstrative media for instance political videos, scientific communication as well as religious elements in political communications. This would have provided me with a background for understanding such communications for instance, in the wake of rampant religious invocation in public speaking.

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