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Human resource management is concerned with the management of employees in an organization, in order to have that organization produce their best for the benefit of the organization. Human resource management is concerned with several activities starting from the identification of vacancies, recruitment, employee motivation, compensation, and taking punitive measures on some employees among others. This study fundamentally looks into several products of human resources such as the entire strategic human management, staffing, providing equal employment opportunities, talent management, risk management and worker protection, total rewards and compensation, and employee and labor relations activities, and seeks to establish how these products support and integrate with each other to best serve both the employees and overall organizational output- through hiring skilled candidates and raising their job satisfaction (thereby increasing performance and overall company profit) (Sims, 2007).

It is worth noting that in order to have a competent staff, there needs to be equal employment opportunities to all in order to recruit the best possible staff candidates. This could involve the identification of talents in order to award the most appropriate job to the best person, who can consequently produce their best and benefit the organization. For instance, a person talented in speech and interaction could be given a job in the sales and marketing department. There are several ways in which talent identification helps the organization and the employee. Identifying talent helps the employee produce their best, and they are satisfied since they do what they enjoy doing. The organization gains by having an improved performance since a happy employee is likely to increase output.

Risk management and worker protection is related to employee motivation, which is under the strategic HR management. Evidently, an employee who has job security and is operating in an environment that is conducive in terms of safety is expected to attain loyalty in the organization, since they feel comfortable working in the organization. Worker protection also means that the organization takes responsibility of what the employee does.

Motivation and staffing are also related to the rewards and compensations given to the employee. An employee who is handsomely compensated is likely have a higher performance since they are likely to be satisfied from the returns from the organization in the form of salaries and wages (Gourlay, 2001).

Employees may have issues affecting them that could not be necessarily obvious to the organization. There are some ways in which the organizations use to get feedback from employees regarding organization satisfaction. This is performed mostly through the employee relations activities of the HR department. The activities are targeted to ensure employees have the most satisfaction in order to be retained in the organization, which supports staffing. The organization gains from retaining by having a developed workforce that does not need much frequent training as compared to the training that could be necessary if the organization was to keep on replacing employees. Employee relations activities support other products such as talent management, employee reward and compensation as well as worker protection. This is because the organization can identify the expectation of the employees from the feedback it gets. In addition, the realization by the employees that the organization is concerned with their affairs makes the employees motivated (Sims, 2007).

Strategic HR management reduces the complaints among employees regarding the organization. There are some factors that are contained in strategic management. Some of them could include the approaches towards employees by the organization that enhance its support for the employees. Some strategy could involve employees in decision making processes carried out by the organization. Once employees are involved, decisions made, especially regarding expansion and cost reduction, could favor employees rather than having them feel exploited. Therefore, strategic management supports and relates to employee relations activities. Staffing greatly relies on strategic HR management since strategic management defines the long term objectives of the workforce while staffing involves the consideration of various factors in determining responsibilities and assigning the most appropriate employee.

HR management includes the incorporation of the best employees. This starts with recruitment. Not only does equal employment opportunity provide for this, but development of the same could be relevant in ensuring maximum performance. Development of employees could be facilitated by training and employee relations activities. In addition, there are other activities incorporated such as promotions to higher ranks, an inclusion that could be in the strategic HR management (Hay, 2002).

As we have seen, the various aspects of HR Management are interconnected in their major goals for both the employees and company itself. Staffing is a large part of HR Management, and finding the best talent (using equal employment opportunities) increases organizational output and decreases organizational risk. Worker protection programs and employee labor relations activities also serve the same goal, in which talent happiness increases productivity and thereby increases organizational output. Finally, employee compensation is an important aspect of HR Management that is interconnected to its previous aspects, in that it largely determines employee satisfaction and has a direct impact on overall employee output and talent levels (which, again, increases organizational output and profit).

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