Essay on Computer: Boon or Bane?

In everyday life, people constantly have to face and fight evil. Judge for yourself: the coffee is evil, salt (and sugar too) is evil, tobacco smoking (including passive) is evil, alcohol (even light beer) is evil, drugs (without options) is evil. Some people even consider money as evil. To say nothing about the Internet in general and computers in particular.

Since the computer stopped being an attribute of wealth and prestige, and settled our homes, the debate about whether a computer is a boon or bane is on. There are some TV shows, in which some solid people from different bodies and agencies argue their point of view. So, medical theorists from the Department of Health constantly talk about the damage computer can cause to the people, who are using them, and how fragile the psyche of the child is in this regard. To what education officials discreetly nodding, as if agreeing with opponents, saying, “Yes, it is harmful,” but stubbornly continue to push through the argument that computer is the engine of progress.

The computer is a bane and not by very glossy magazines, even newspapers also consider it their duty to periodically post articles by authors from opposite camps. Not to mention the Internet! In the World Wide Web, you can find a great many articles speaking for both camps. The social networks users are also interested in finding the truth.

Tellingly, there is no much options to answer the question “what is a computer: a boon or a bane?” In fact, thereare only two, but many people, honoring traditions, manage to prevaricate. Instead giving a straight answer, they are responding something like: “From the viewpoint of banal erudition, the computer is personified modification of technogenic irrationality, reflecting our existence, equidistantly remote of quasiquaternionic prototype… ».

Other people express themselves simpler, telling “it’s both or neither” or “it’s a good evil” (alternatively, “It’s a wicked good”). Sometimes the answers “surprise” by their deep philosophical meaning: “It’s a boon to smart, it’s a bane for the weak, it’s a danger for stupid” or “the truth is somewhere in the middle…”

I really liked the answer of the person considering computers from the perspective of Darwinism: “The evolution of the PC was in parallel with the evolution of the people that gave it their way of thinking and instincts, delegating it, a full-fledged member of our society, the power to play, depending on the mood and changes in the network, either demonic or angelic role in human life!”

However, the vast majority of participants answer and explain their choice quite logically.

Thus, they replied that the computer is a bane, and explained this answer by the following arguments:

  1. your vision greatly deteriorates from using a computer;
  2. it emits electromagnetic waves harmful for human;
  3. it causes scoliosis and hypodynamia;
  4. it badly affects our mental abilities, especially those of children.

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