Research Paper on Impact of Information Technology

Today, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, we can clearly say that humanity has entered a qualitatively new phase of its development and the information age. That is the transition from the post-industrial society to the information society should be noted.

The industrial society, formed in the late 19th century, destroyed the traditional way of life of a large part of the population of Europe and led to the growth of destructive behavior, which in turn resulted in two world wars and many local conflicts: revolutions, protests, etc.

Now we are seeing the explosive proliferation of information technology and its impact on the daily life of the average person. There is a radical change in the mechanism of communication between people: live direct interaction of biological organisms is replaced by a virtual contact through the information environment of computers or cell phones.

Another characteristic feature of the information society is an active involvement of the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of our planet. If previously there was a certain age limit to become a full-fledged member of industrial or post-industrial society, and, beside that, many people living in province or in some developing countries maintained their traditional way of life, today, such limitations have been removed. There was total (often forcible) implementation of information communication in all sectors of society. From an early age, modern children use electronic means of communication and access the Internet and its social networks, informational resources, etc.

There is an evident qualitative change in the attitude and behaviour, transformation of the personality down to the deepest layers of the unconscious. Information environment with its complex fractal structure and desire for self-organization can create many virtual worlds, forcing the user to shift their perceived reality from our physical world to some digital worlds created by informational technology. Some negative effects are already felt quite clearly. For example, numerous mass killings were based on computer games or the recent death of gamers as a result of emotional stress.

Unfortunately, for the analysis and the forecast of the situation, we cannot directly benefit from the experience of previous eras, in view of the fact that a similar phenomenon occurs for the first time in the history of mankind. There is though obvious need in careful generalization and extension of all accumulated knowledge together with the traditional cultures of different Nations, as well as bringing in modern interdisciplinary research.

Note also that the nature of the advancing mental changes is in the vast majority of extremely destructive nature, i.e. almost complete degradation of the best human qualities, such as the ability to selfless love, commitment, creativity, ability to the spiritual development, etc. But in contrast to similar processes that occurred in the early and mid 20th century, today consciousness vector of young people is directed to the virtual world, crowded by the horrors, violence, pornography as a living incarnation of Dante’s hell and the speed of the decline reaches its climax.

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