Essay on Daisy in The Great Gatsby

When I read The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald I really understood that this is in all senses a classic of the genre, the perfect love story, its variety, maze, and a heck of a fascinating story about the ways of man, of his dream, the pursuit of it, about personal life failures.

Most surprising is the author’s ability to dip a reader into the atmosphere of the 30s, where it was the beginning of the Jazz Age, mind-blowing parties, full of the champagne and girls in the brightest outfits. The world created by Francis Scott Fitzgerald is very expressive, colorful and easy to imagine. The author draws a hectic world and an unforgettable New York, but also the secular world of intrigue, wealth, destruction, limited to only by the Vila of Jay Gatsby, which is really great, despite some ironic subtext in the title.

Gatsby is especially with his great willpower and stubborn attempt to fulfill an American dream. He tries not only daily to go over the wall which was seen in his schedule, but he also tries to go over the dream, to find happiness, even if it would take on a long and painful journey.

Jay Gatsby (Yet it is accepted to consider him the protagonist of the novel, despite the fact that Gatsby’s friend Nick is a narrator) stands out among the other rich men by his inner strength and mental content. Besides money, Gatsby has a true love, the thing that is already lost by many individuals, who have behind them a whole mountain of money, and they certainly believe that their life is a success.

The author skillfully depicted the man female personage, which was Daisy Fay Buchanan. Daisy is an unhappily married woman, who is spoiled by money and the way of life she leads. For Gatsby, however, Daisy means the world. For him to have her is one of the measures of his success.

We have no detailed knowledge of the narrator, who moved from his native town searching for work. From the outset, Nick says about his ability to be patient and keep his mouth shut, and not to judge people. But perhaps these words have a big role, if you think about them after reading the novel.

Previously boasted of his abilities and respect for decency, Nick breaks his rules and makes an exception when he has to go through this memorable time with Jay Gatsby and other individuals who deeply influenced the fate of the protagonist. Nick looks on what has happened from the other point of view, trying to analyze people he has dealt with on a daily basis and find what is “good” and “bad,” while placing the characters really well on the opposing sides, and there are two of them – good and bad.

The novel power is also in that the reader easily lures into the atmosphere of a secular and sometimes illusory world. First, The Great Gatsby seems difficult, especially worth getting used to the style of the author, to his dashing descriptions of characters and landscapes, but the novel begins to gain further intrigue with each page, and the plot twists keep coming. Not surprisingly, such passion and emotion at the end can lead to the final death. The novel is not out of the rules, in which even the most insignificant character could be the key and point of boiling.

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