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In the 1970s, Biblical counseling by Jay E. Adams has launched an approach entirely based on biblical counseling. Unlike traditional counseling psychology, the proponents of biblical counseling claim that the Bible is the only school counseling may be based on. Just familiar with the Bible believer or pastor can be counseling others and do not necessarily have to be a trained therapist. The doctrine emphases behavioral problems, rather than refers to a variety of psychological factors (e.g. family problems, childhood trauma, etc.).This doctrine also refutes the current popular psychology, claiming the later to be too secular, not scientific, and too abstract.

If you are writing research paper on the topic you have to know that the proponents of biblical counseling believes that recently, some authors began to express their assumption that the crisis of the modern church’s mission lays in the absence of contextual missiological body.

Missiology is a complex science with an extensive range of studies on the nature of anthropological and theological (ontological) reality as an ethical component. Ethical component is essential for the coexistence in the social life. The central focus of missiology based on theological and anthropological concepts, the main orientation of the message will always be the implementation of its transcendental basis, transforming the image of God into man (imago Dei; Gen. 1:26-27, 9:6). This definition is not of a strict character, making it more dynamic in our understanding, and, of course, has its drawbacks.

However, we must conclude that it is largely justified on the basis of the judgments of contemporary missiological paradigm, and therefore it will serve as a support for our further discussion.

Modern missiologists share the concept of “Mission of God” and “the mission of the Church” (sometimes differentiate according to their “mission” and “missionary”) and believe that the first of these should be “mission of God”and only then it can be the “mission of the church.” Because many authors share the concept of Missiology Mission of God (or missio Dei) on the ownership or management of the world and the message of redemption from sin, it seems reasonable to understand the mission of God (missio Dei) through the task of restoring the image of God (imago Dei). The purpose of the mission – to bring a person to communion with God, which comes by grace. But one of the conditions of possibility for this task – is that the image of God in man includes openness to communication – to communicate with others (God) and consulting other (people).

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