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Dale Carnegie was one of the founders of the theory of communication, translating the works of scientific research psychologists of the time in the practical field, having developed its own concept of conflict-free and successful communication. He developed psychological self-improvement courses, effective communication skills, and others. His books remain popular to this day. Dale Carnegie believed that the world is not bad place and people are mostly good, but only unpleasant circumstances, which can be controlled, and are not worth to spoil your life and that of others because of them.

Dale Breckenridge Carnegie was born on November 24, 1888 on a farm in Maryville, Missouri. He was a poor country boy, the second son of James William Carnegie and his wife Amanda Elizabeth Harbison.

Love for oratory was born in the boy during his school years: teachers repeatedly noted his ability to appropriate management discussion and sociability. After high school, Carnegie worked messenger for some time in Nebraska, an actor in New York, but was not able to choose a profession he would like. Thereafter, Carnegie decided to become a professional oratory. And the first step in this was the successful enrollment in Warrensburg Teachers College.

Of 600 students enrolled in the college only six of them, including Dale, were unable to take their own accommodation in the city. Dale Carnegie had to trip every day, overcoming the distance of six miles to college. He had time to do his study only in the intervals between the execution of various works on the farm.

Carnegie was ashamed of his poverty, he was ashamed of his jacket, which was already too cramped for him and his trousers, which have become too short to him. In an effort to overcome the fast-paced complex of inferiority, he began looking for an opportunity to excel in anything that, in the shortest possible time, would allow him to achieve fame and recognition. Looking around, Carnegie saw that students who enjoyed prestige and influence in the college were mainly divided into two categories: one consisted of athletes – football players and baseball players, the other – the guys who were able to defend their point of view in disputes, and specially organized public debates. Realizing that he had no athletic ability, Carnegie decided to achieve victory in the field of oratory.

He was practicing in the saddle, galloping to college and back, rehearsed his speech during milking, and then climbed to the top of the huge bales of hay in the barn, with the greatest fervor and gestures plunged the frightened pigeons into the streams of tirades about the need to ban Japanese immigration to the USA.

However, despite the seriousness of his training, he suffered defeat after defeat. He was at that time 18 years old, and he was proud and sensitive.

Carnegie was so confused and depressed by his failures, he even had thoughts of suicide. His mother, you know it, advised him to enroll in the local dispute club, where, after several attempts, he was accepted. This event in the fall of 1906, when he was a student at the penultimate course in the college, proved to be a turning point in his life.

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