Essay on Factors Affecting Business Ethics

The founder of ethics (from the Greek. “ethos,” custom order, tradition) was Aristotle, who, in the 4th century BC, created the basic treatises of right and wrong, moral and immoral actions. He established the concept of “ethical” to refer to the special qualities of the human – ethical virtues – specific properties of the human character. To designate the whole set of these ethical virtues as a specific subjective knowledge area, as well as for distinguishing this knowledge as a special science, Aristotle coined the term “ethics.” The works of Aristotle, translated into Latin by Cicero, used the notion of “morality” (“mores” – temper). In some languages there are words, similar to the Greek “ethics.” In the original version “ethics,” “morality,” “ethics” were synonymous. However, over time these words acquired different meanings.

Ethics is the field of scientific knowledge, which studies morals, ethic as a form of social consciousness.

Morals are the existing system of values within a society that functions as regulating human behavior.

Ethic is the sphere of the spiritual life of the individual and the community, which includes the various customs, norms of human coexistence.

Business ethics is one of the youngest and most rapidly developing branches of science. This discipline is taught in the United States, not only in schools but also in reputable universities, becoming an integral part of the economic training.

Business ethics in the broadest sense is a set of ethical principles and standards to guide the activities of the companies and their members. It consists of various orders of magnitude: an ethical evaluation of both internal and external policy of the company as a whole; the moral principles of the company, i.e., its professional morals; the moral climate in the company; the rules of business etiquette, etc.

Interesting is the fact that the overall framework of business ethics is the understanding of labor as a moral value. Moreover, the work becomes a moral value, if perceived not only as a source of livelihood, but also as a way of securing human dignity. The traditional ethical issues are solved: the problem of moral choice becomes a problem of the career choice, the so-called problem of vocation; the problem of the meaning of life is becoming a problem of sense of professional activity; moral obligation is considered as the professional duty; moral responsibility is refracted through the professional responsibility, personal competencies are defined through the moral evaluation.

In general, a set of ethical rules and norms of behavior shared by members of a corporate society (shareholders, directors, managers, employees) is issued by the business ethics documents that create certain behaviors and activities, as well as the internal corporate mechanisms to ensure their application within the corporate society and outside of it (public, business partners, etc.).

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