Cross-Cultural Communication Research Proposal

Cross-cultural communication is the way of communication between the representatives of different cultures. The communication can have the form of the direct verbal communication (language, speech, writing, online communication) and the informal communication between a few people belonging to the different groups. Cross-cultural communication is a discipline which is closely connected with linguistics, psychology, political sciences, ethics, ethnology, sociology and anthropology. The scholars from these different fields cooperate in order to define the peculiarities of the cross-cultural communication and its weak sides. The experts most often dwell on the problems and obstacles which can be met on the way of communication between the representatives of different cultures. Evidently, there are many codes which exist in every culture which reflect their behaviour and reaction in different situations. What is more important – the differences between two cultures can be so solid, that they can not understand one another.

The subject of cross-cultural communication appeared in the middle of the 20th century in the USA when the world was just entering the new era of globalization process. The countries of the world can not exist separately and require close political and economic relations with other countries, so it has become of vital importance to train businessmen communicate with the businessmen of other cultures in order to build new economic connections.

Another reason of the rapid development of the discipline is the strong migration process. The people of a one cultural group move to the environment where a completely different cultural group lives and it is important to teach people to communicate in the proper way learning about the codes and norms of behaviour of the neighbours belonging to another culture.

Cross-cultural communication is the discipline and methodology of communication between the people who belong to different cultures. The student who is interested in social sciences will find the topic on cross-cultural communication quite interesting, because his future occupation will be related with these issues. One will need to brainstorm the problem for the research and persuade the professor that the topic is worth attention and scrupulous analysis. After that it is possible to dwell on the points and questions chosen on the research and demonstrate what exactly the student wants to achieve in his investigation with the help of the research proposal.

It does not worth mentioning that a research proposal is a difficult and specific assignment which requires preciseness and logic of writing, so the young person is able to read a free example research proposal on cross-cultural communication and learn about the structure of the text and the right observation of the matter. One will learn about the right approach towards formatting and analysis of the problem just following the manner of writing of a free research proposal sample on cross-cultural communication.

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