Illusion of Success Essay

Nowadays people try to be successful by any means. Mothers and fathers teach their sons and daughters to be successful in their further lives, women look for successful men to marry and men are trying their best to become successful. For many centuries it was considered that achieving success is crucially important in order to become happy. People spend their lives trying to become successful and finally they succeed but have to realize the sad truth – success doesn’t make them happier and even more, having no goal to strive, no dream to fulfil they realize the emptiness of their existence. Very often we can observe financially successful people, who made perfect careers but who don’t look happy. Money and successful career cannot guarantee happiness.

While you are successful, popular, possess money and make successful career you are surrounded by big number of people who try to be subservient or make friends with you. Unfortunately, you can never know the real worth of the people who surround you till you don’t get in trouble. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, says an old proverb and it perfectly reflects the nature of relations between people who get in trouble. Being successful you can never know the true motives of people who surround you. Very often people hand around you in hope to get some part of popularity, money and success you possess. The bad part of this situation is that you will not know that true motives of people who surround you until you are successful. From one side it’s natural as it’s easy to make friends with a person who possesses money, authority and influence in the society. From the other side false friends take your time and attention and you can forget about your real friends and dear people you stay with you all the time. All material objects are temporary and can be gained or lost. If you base your life principles on these material objects you will perceive their presence as success and their absence as failure. There is a saying of ancient sage man who told that real happiness could be found only inside. This happiness is the only measure of our success. External events very often happen despite our will and lay aside our control. We can not change them but we can change our attitude. Success and failure can not be measured by something external. Life consists of 10% of external events that happen with us and all the rest is our attitude to these events. If we perceive some event like a successful one, we will be successful but if we perceive the same event as a failure we will feel pity and misery. Placing our focus on external events and trying to achieve success by changing reality outside of us we spend too much effort and achieve very little for that. From the other side if we try to work with our attitude towards events and other people we can change our reality.