Essay on Importance of Cleanliness

Each person has his own idea of cleanliness.
For example, when a mom tells her child to wash his hands and face, the child thinks that to open a tap, hold hands under the water and to wet his mouth is enough. But it certainly will not his mother happy. She will take her son in the bathroom and will wash her child’s face and hands, despite his protests.

Of course, the rules of cleanliness are different throughout the world and people are brought up with different views on cleanliness. In the past, in many countries, cleanliness and order in schools help students develop good habits of cleanliness. Today many school yards and playgrounds are so dirty and neglected that they look more like a trash dumps than a place for recreational activity. But are classrooms clean? Darren, a cleaner in an Australian school, remarked, “Now it is also dirty in classrooms.” Some students perceive as punishment the request “clean it” or “wash that.” The problem is that some teachers actually make the cleaning a punishment children.

Furthermore, adults also are not always an example of cleanliness in their everyday life or at work. For example, in many public places people are not worried about the cleanliness and leave a lot of garbage as they leave. Some industries pollute the environment. But plants and factories is not something faceless, behind it there are always some people. Environmental pollution has become a global problem mainly, not only because of human greed, but because people are not used to keep anything clean. The words of the former director of the Commonwealth of Australia confirm this fact: all the health questions boil down to one thing: how every man, woman, or child comply with the cleanliness.”

Still, some believe that cleanliness is a personal matter and others should not interfere in it. But is it really?

The importance of the matter cannot be underestimated when it comes to our food — whether we buy it in the market, whether in the restaurant or eat away. From someone who is dealing with food products a thorough cleanliness is expected. Dirty hands of catering or our own can cause many diseases.

And in hospitals? As stated in The New England Journal of Medicine, the spread of various infectious diseases in hospitals, for the treatment of which up to ten billion dollars a year is spent, can be explained by the fact that many doctors and nurses do not wash their hands. Naturally, we do not want anyone to put our health at risk for the reason so banal.

Serious problems arise if someone is accidentally or not pollute water resources. And how dangerous it is to walk barefoot on the beach, where used syringes, abandoned drug addicts or someone else, are laying about? And, perhaps even more important question: do we abide by cleanliness at home?

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