On the Road Term Paper

On the Road is the novel of the American writer Jack Kerouac. The book was written in 1951 but any publishing house agreed to publish it, so the author had to edit and revise the text till 1957 when the book was accepted by the publishing house Viking Press. In spite of the negative response of the readers and critics the novel became a bestseller and made Jack Kerouac famous as one of the classic American writer in the genre of prose.

On the Road is one of the most prominent and popular novels belonging to The Beat Generation, no wonder the book is considered to be among the best 100 books of all times and among the best 100 books of various categories. Every year more than 130 000 books are sold all over the world. The novel is about the travelling of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady about the territory of the USA and Mexico. Francis Ford Coppola received the right to make a screen version of the book and the movie saw the world in 2012.

The novel can be called the autobiographic one, because it is narrated by Sal Paradise – the protagonist of Jack Kerouac. The author chose this form of writing as he believed that the real art has its source in the rich human experience. The style of writing of the novel is quite a specific one, as it belongs to the improvised and spontaneous prose. The author compared the book with jazz music which goes just form the human heart and does not require strict norms and planning, as its major aim is to express the human emotions at the current time.

On the Road is the novel written in the middle of the 20th century and belonging to the brightest works of The Beat Generation. If the student is interested in the research of the content and characters of the book, he is able to prepare a quality term paper about the novel demonstrating knowledge and creativity. It is natural that one should dwell on the analysis of the plot, the main idea of the book, its core themes and problems which define the novel as one of the biggest bestsellers of the middle of the 20th century.

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