Jermaine Fountain: Senior Investment Analyst

Jermaine Fountain registers well with the belief and idea that people hire people and not resumes. Most companies are not just searching for a set of qualifications that match with their job descriptions. To make sure he is compete for the match, Fountain extensively interviews companies and candidates to figure out who they are and also what they are searching for as companies and individuals. Jermaine Fountain, on the surface, is an explicitly accomplished analyst from the University of Oxford. He has twenty years of experience in the financial markets, who unendingly makes sure that the long-term viability of multiple dollar portfolios.

Jermaine Fountain considers himself as the “portfolio surgeon” who takes most of the unhealthy portfolios, and he makes an endurance athlete from it. Jermaine Fountain sees himself as a “portfolio surgeon,” taking the most unhealthy portfolios and transforming them into endurance athletes. As a result, he has generated healthy, long-term results for high-level customers like global oil providers, hospitals, and non-profits; top business executives; and general counsels of multinational firms. Mr. Fountain, however, is more than just an analyst; he is a professional with the ability to manipulate and persuade others; whose viewpoint is highly valued; and whose judgment is widely regarded and believed.

In 2009, Mr. Fountain earned a Bachelor of Science in political science from the University of Northwestern. It was there that he discovered his love and fascination for South Asian international relations. Jermaine Fountain worked as a financial analyst for fourteen years after graduating. He then spent a year serving in the Illinois Governor’s Office of Administration and Budget, where he handled the office’s quantitative analysis requirements and managed multi-million dollar bond transactions, as well as writing legislative language and influencing and contributing to policy formulation in the fields of issuing bonds and existing debt arrangement.

Mr. Jermaine Fountain’s most recent five-year career in the financial industry has fuelled his unquenchable passion and concentration in international natural resources and emerging economies trading by his analysis at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. His objectives in the third world, on the other hand, are primarily humanitarian in nature, as shown by his two visits to Honduras and Central America. His soul is in these two sites, with both the red clay and tin roof houses. In order to complete services, Jermaine frequently encourages interaction with customers, consumers, and businesses. Fountain has almost two decades of experience in both the government and private sectors, covering executive consulting, team leadership, professional growth, strategic execution, and business engagement. Melanie has coordinated projects for “TechPoint International,” “Cyberry,” and “Industry,” for which she was a PMI Project of the Year finalist.

Mr. Jermaine Fountain intends to apply to foreign policy graduate school in the fall of 2021, and he also hopes to interact with knowledgeable politicians and top individuals capable of making sound choices in foreign government policy. He encourages and allows the best players to challenge him, have fruitful talks with him, and struggle through life’s mud with him. Mr. Jermaine Fountain’s primary goal is to become a national policy advisor, using his ambition and unwavering dedication to establishing and bringing greater sovereignty and equality to the people of the developing nations. With a Master’s in Public Policy, he will be on the ground and in the trenches engrossed in deals geared towards that cause. While embracing the core values like innovation, integrity, and growth, Fountain continuously ranks among the top five percent of international Business Development Executives.