Christian Creeds and Beliefs Essay

The Christian religion’s growth and development can be dated back to the Roman Empire. The followers were recruited by a figure known as Christ who lived in the Roman period. Thus, it had grown over time and found its way to the world. The major figure in the religion was Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Hence, Christianity was developed to reflect on his life and teachings that were adopted over time. Through this religion, the people got the chance to understand the historical contexts and specific focus on miracles and parables that continue to guide the followers over 2000 years after the events in the ancient Rome Kingdom.

The religious grouping has been founded on certain major aspects of Jesus Christ’s life. These are His birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. The major ideology, in this case, is the resurrection and the promise of new heaven where the members will not face the troubles and problems of the world. The religion, additionally, emphasizes the importance of ensuring that there is the continued spread of the message and the need to recruit more people into the following. They note the importance of making sure that the gospel reaches out to a huge following to encourage the members’ continued perspectives and determine the best practices that support the following of the religion.

The religion is guided by the teachings developed in a holy book known as the Bible. It is the guide to the interactions and the teachings. Its specific reference to the salvation plan helps in the guide provided to the church. It explains aspects of reformation and the determination of the best ways to achieve a life similar to that of Jesus Christ.

The religious group has continued to grow in the world today. The religion boasts of a strong membership of over 2 billion people scattered across the world. This makes up 30% of the world’s total population. The religion is also known for the fight towards ensuring that certain desirable values and practices are adopted amongst its members. They make sure that there are attributes of love, kindness, honesty, and integrity in their people. For instance, in the Bible, the teachings emphasize the importance of helping the sick and volunteering with less fortunate social spaces. This is a commendable feature that can help make the world a better place through people’s active involvement.

However, there are also various criticisms in the religious sector. The Bible, for instance, adopts radical measures when dealing with people of different vices. For instance, the teachings explain the need to stone to death women found in adultery. However, it does not condemn men who are found in these instances. Thus, it is the acclaim of bigotry and misogyny which the people may not readily accept. Consequently, it becomes important for the religious organization to have a tough stand on the issues and develop the right support structures for their following.

Nevertheless, the religion is admirable and provides important teachings to the members. The huge following associated with the group shows its huge impact in such communities and the adopted practices towards realizing the intended outcomes in their groups. It is important to continuously encourage these admirable practices and also ensure that they are passed down to the people over the years.

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