The Rise of a Market and Industrial Revolution in the United States

There are the pages in the history of every nation that can be classified as the pivotal milestones of its development. When it comes to talking about the United States of America, it should be acknowledged that the country has experienced a lot of dark pages that seemed to almost having ruined the country, but there was one extremely bright page that has, probably, infused America with enough of economic stability and financial power to overcome any twist that was going to be brought about to its fate by history. The period between 1815 and 1840 saw the rise of a market and industrial revolution in the United States having changed the state for the better, as it has taken America to the road of economic superiority over the other states.

Dwelling upon how the entire process, there is no wonder in the fact that, namely, the United States has become country that took the biggest advantage of the industrial revolution which, in turn, has been the biggest impulse for the development of a powerful marketing environment within the state. Having watched the documentary that is called Mill Times, it has become crystal clear that America was regarded by the Europeans as the promised land of opportunities and favorable business environment, as they have started fleeing the European continent to the United States in search of new projects, possibilities, and even challenges (Macaulay). The new economic opportunities have lured the entrepreneurs from all around the world, especially from Europe, to the land that was thought to become the world’s leading economic and political overlord.

Ruminating over the pre-industrial period of its history, it should be acknowledged that the United States’ economy was largely based on the agrarian sector, as the country’s wealth has been chiefly generated the trade of lumber, tobacco, fur, fish, and various minerals. However, as the world was changing and the Great Britain was expanding the borders of its empire, the newly arisen American nation did not wait for too long in order to start the process of positive changes. In accordance with Murray, “The American Industrial Revolution began in the years and decades following the end of the 18th century, as the nation re-solidified its bonds, and the American entrepreneurs were building on the advancements made in Britain” (Murray). Regardless of the fact that the Great Britain was harshly trying to monopolize its technological advancements, they have spread across Europe at the rocket speed from where the young entrepreneurs have taken them to the United States.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the majority of the Americans lived in the rural communities that required no economic support from the other communities, towns or cities. That is, they were self-sustaining.

Nonetheless, as soon as the revolution came, the large urban centers have began developing, thus leading the country to the emergence of big industrial hubs and markets that were needed for selling the goods produced. The cities of Boston and New York have become the two pivotal industrial centers of the United States due to the fact that they both have had sea ports – everything that was coming from Europe was reaching these two cities at first (Macaulay). Along with the neoteric technologies and hardware, the industrial revolution of 1815-1840 has seen an immense influx of workers from Europe, who were seeking for a better life overseas.
This was, probably, the one and only negative impact of industrial revolution on the American society, as before the revolution happened the majority of unemployed Americans were one way or another skilled and trained as they all knew how to perform within a particular agricultural sector. As soon as the industrial revolution came to the American ground, the institute of labor has been created having outlived the craftsmen establishment (Macaulay). What is more, the appearance of a whole array of cheap commodities and products has endangered the established through years consumer culture that was based on the rural lifestyle and rural ‘industry’.

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Even though it is nowadays considered that industrial revolution has only brought capitalism to the shores of America, it cannot be denied that the positive impact of the revolution has also been quite prolific. It was due to the industrial revolution that that American nation has embarked on its westward expansion, as the neoteric technologies brought about from Europe have allowed for moving further and faster. In accordance with Murray, “The great river and lake cities of the Midwest were thriving thanks to the reliable transportation afforded by the steamboat” (Murray). Furthermore, the marketing environment has begun to take shape of what was going to become the world’s most powerful economy of the 20th and the 21st centuries.

Of course, the revolution has also brought about the concept of wage labor that has eventually deprived the workers of the means of labor and offered them wages for return for their skills. It is nowadays considered that it was one of the most enslaving movements in the history of humanity – to deprive a man from the liberty to be sustainable on his or her own. The rural sector has been artificially destroyed by the plants and factories and the men had to go to work for the rich entrepreneurs in order to make both ends meet. In accordance with Murray, “All of these innovations contributed to urbanization as new industries lured people from farm to city” (Murray). However, the number of positive changes is still larger than the negative impacts of industrial revolution on the American society.

It should be nowadays acknowledged that the industrial revolution has also been of an immense political influence on the United States, as the country has eventually become the world’s political overlord. Meanwhile, the basis for its political supremacy has been laid by the economic capabilities that was brought about by the industrial revolution. The capitalist United States with vast deposits of natural resources, large population, and neoteric technologies of production has reached the level of economic monster who knew no obstructions on its way towards prosperity and building the world’ most powerful and lucrative market environment.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the industrial revolution has become one of the brightest pages in the history of the United States, as it has taken the country to the new heights in economic and political prosperity. Of course, there is a number of negative influences that the revolution had on the nation, as the rural sector of industry has been simply destroyed. Still, namely, the industrial revolution has brought a lot of bright minds to the United States which have eventually changed the country for the better. The market environment has started to arise, leading the United States to the role of the world’s most prolific economic overlord. Hence, industrial revolution can be classified as a totally positive alternation in the lives of the Americans, as it created jobs, enhanced economy, and advanced the country’s political positions.

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