FIU Admission Essay Sample

I have paid much attention to the choice of school and the course that determine the extent of knowledge gained and exposure and focus on the field of my academic interests. It would like to advance my education by enrolling for a masters’ degree course in human resource management (HRM) at Florida International University (FIU) as it is renowned for its masters of science in human resource program (MSHRM). I am confident that pursuing the MSHRM program at FIU will help me reach my goal of working in the HRM department at ARGO Al.

My education and work experience make me a proper candidate for the MSHRM program. I graduated with an associate’s degree in science in 2017 from Union County College. Further, I graduated from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (major) and health education (minor). Despite completing my undergraduate studies in December 2018, I have a four-year work experience, which demonstrates my efficiency and productivity compared to my course mates. For example, I worked as a cashier at Dollar General from 2014 to 2016, brand ambassador for Uber from 2015 to 2017, Lyft driver from 2015 to date, and temporary data analyst at Apex Staffing Agency, which is based here in Florida. When working at the Uber company, I have developed the ability to manage teamwork, create presentations, and establish contact with different individuals. The different roles relating to human resources management and the challenges encountered provide me the precise comprehension of the workplace issues. These experiences helped me to learn the basics of teamwork, develop leadership skills, and understand the key to successful communication. In terms of HR management, these positions allowed me to comprehend the ways of finding an approach to various personalities and discover their preferences, abilities, and talents. I expect the MSHRM program to enrich me with the relevant professionalism needed to incorporate an organization’s HR and business policies.

Studying at FIU will guarantee me the essential skills in managing human capital. I want to learn how to develop a feasible corporate culture and coordinate the staff to boost productivity. FIU’s MSHRM is tailored to equip learners with knowledge on employee management in a diversified commercial scope to align with the current demand for supervisors to effectively meet the interests of people with different ethnic, political, and religious inclinations. Unlike the HRM courses offered in other colleges in the region, FIU’s one-year program is integrated with contemporary HR practices to ensure that scholars can introduce and implement valuable policies, address the volatile business environment by facilitating organizational change, and apply exceptional interpersonal skills to maintain workplace harmony.

One of the challenges I have in the quest to enroll for the MSHRM program in your institution is that I do not have the necessary HR experience. However, I request you to consider my exemplary undergraduate performance where I attained a 3.6 GPA that exhibits my academic potential. Moreover, my inclusion in Kean University’s dean’s list for fall 2017 manifests my character while the experience gained during the performance of different roles in the companies makes me a responsible and hardworking student. I am prepared to seek support from the exceptional personnel at your HRM faculty whenever needed, especially at your department of global leadership and management where I have been provided with information on the application process and the subjects covered in the program. Therefore, I hope you will consider my application, as I look forward to advancing my studies at your leading university.

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