Marketing a Corporate Breastfeeding Program Essay

This program targets lactating mothers both home-based and working mothers. It will be marketed through interactive digital media, organizational, and community channels. There are ten objectives for setting up this program. First, to ensure that health care staff has the necessary skills to implement the breastfeeding policy. Secondly, to establish a breastfeeding policy that can routinely be communicated to health care staff, and informing pregnant women about management and benefit of breastfeeding. Thirdly, helping mothers to initiate breastfeeding program within the first 2 hours of their birth, and helping them understand how best they can maintain lactation even after they are separated from babies. The programs also aims at teaching mothers on how to practice rooming-in, and avoid giving their newborns drinks or foods other than their breast milk unless they are medically indicated. The program will further encourage mothers to breastfeed their infants on demand, and discourage them from giving the breastfeeding infants pacifiers or artificial teats. Last yet important is fostering the establishment of groups that support breastfeeding and referring mothers to them.

This is how the program will run:

  • Would you like to understand how supporting breastfeeding could positively affect the global environment and financially benefit you?
  • Do you wish to understand how best you can support the breastfeeding mothers?
  • Are you a mother who needs help on breastfeed your infant exclusively for six months?
  • Are you the employer or owner of a corporation or company seeking to make your employees’ work environment more appealing and accepting for the breastfeeding mothers?

This is the right program for you! Attend our seminars and workshops so that we can discuss how to get the program moving.

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