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Going green is a socio-environmental movement that became popular in the twentieth century in the European countries, which aims at enforcing the measures for environmental protection, as well as management theory of socio-economic development and environment. The movement considers the man a part of biosphere and believes in appropriate transform of nature for man. It is as well an ideology, formed in the middle of the nineteenth century, when it meant a number of new ideas that people to the great extent are developed under the influence of the environment.

College and university writers trying to write a descent research paper on going green topic have to know the problems the environmentalists are paying their attention to:

  • reduction of biodiversity,
  • global warming,
  • ozone layer deterioration,
  • acid rains,
  • disposal of radioactive waste,
  • the possibility of a nuclear winter,
  • infringement of the rights of animals.

The reason for the above problems the environmentalists believe human activities and seek to reduce consumption directly or indirectly harmful to the environment products in the home.

In most developed countries, there are the so-called Green Parties that shows that people are afraid for their children’s future and the state of the Earth as a ;legacy of the whole humanity, for which it is responsible.

The following steps are taken:

  • shift production to non-waste technology,
  • introduction of alternative energy and
  • transport with regenerative braking (e.g., electric cars)
  • recycling of solid waste,
  • recycling of wastewater,
  • irrigation of deserts.

Opponents environmentalists argue that:

  • many of the environmental dangers of exaggerated;
  • human impact on natural processes (anthropocentrism) is exaggerated;
  • the environmentalists goal is not the solution of environmental problems, but self-promotion;
  • Going green movement is not used means for the solution of environmental problems, but to enrich themselves;
  • they treat environmentalism as biased, partly religious (in the broad sense) movement.

Many radical environmentalist organization engaged in eco-terrorism in order to influence public opinion. They even introduced a new term – ecotage (ecological sabotage).

FBI calls the activities of militant environmentalists and animal advocates “the biggest terrorist threat in the United States” and considers them a threat the nation. It accuses ecoterrorists of arson of residential buildings, research laboratories and auto, the bombings at the offices.

According to experts, the damage from the actions of “going green” has exceeded $ 100 million and only a matter of time when such criminal activity will begin to lead to loss of life.

Department of Homeland Security United States also believes many environmentalists organizations to be terrorist.

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