Military and Professional Bearing Essay

In the American Army, military bearing is the root that the service members undertake their operation. The military upholds discipline and ethics throughout their career. Dependability is one of the core aspects of this profession bearing. If an individual lacks dependability, he/she can neither perform properly nor embark on their military duties adequately. Besides, the combatants have to be reliable and punctual in all their obligations. Moreover, they have to adhere to the military justice in all their operations. All the combatants ought to show respect to the leaders in the higher ranks. In their entire career, soldiers use the elements of military bearing to help the senior and junior officers to have effective coordination while undertaking their duties. The core elements include reliability, loyalty, courage, punctuality, and respect. The military officers have to undertake rigorous training to assume their duties effectively. If officers have inadequate training, they might fail to achieve the set objectives. Army leaders should maintain military bearing through their relationships with others, their missions, and values to maintain their professional acting and achieve the set goals and objectives.

Military officers have different kinds of obligations. For instance, they should defend political borders, embark on peacekeeping missions, and any other related rescue missions. All the tasks are risky; therefore, the need for courage and commitment of the military officers. In the army bearings, the combatants acquire skills to remain courageous in their operations. Resultantly, they can obey their seniors and commands without any inquiries. If the officers are obedient, they can perform their tasks to the best of their capabilities. It is through their performance that they maintain peace in a country (Caforio, 2018). Through the military bearings, the officers learn to remain confident in all the operations. Nevertheless, they require confidence if they undertake their tasks without questioning the implication of their actions. The officers believe that directors are qualified to undertake all the duties assigned to them. Moreover, the professional bearings dictate professionalism and respect in all the circumstances. Most of the combatants recognize that they have a significant role to play, thus, the need for adequate training.

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The military officers recognize their contribution in society through their level of confidence. Besides, the officers learn to make the best out of every situation. Despite the condition in the war zones, the military officers have to focus on the positive side. In the war zones, the military officers have to anticipate encountering any form of attack from the enemies. However, they have to focus on the best tactics to emerge as victors (Lancaster & Erbes, 2017). Notably, the officers should not perceive themselves as inferiors in the fight ground. The combatants should express pride in all their operations. One of the ways that they demonstrate pride is through their dressing codes. On this note, it is worth to mention that the military has to appear organized and tidy at all times. It is through the attire that they have a desirable reputation in public. Although the operations are scary, it should not be a hindrance for others to join the military.

Combatants have to replicate the learned values in the life outside of service. The community perceives the military officers as good if they portray active organizations in all their duties. Morally, they have to uphold the virtue of respect in all the operations. Just as aforementioned, the professionals have to express respect to both the senior and the junior officers (Caforio, 2018). In most cases, the officers operate in small units that comprise of leaders in different positions. On this note, the professionals in all the units have to accomplish all the obligations that the leaders assign to them. Resultantly, they appreciate the value of each other and work collaboratively as a team to achieve the set objectives. If the officers realize that the leaders appreciate their efforts, they feel contented and perform marvelously. Moreover, they are in a better position to achieve excellence in all their tasks.

The military bearings are of utmost importance in all the operations in army service. The professionals have to uphold the bearings for them to emerge as victors in war zones. The concepts relate to the conduct of the soldiers in the line of duty. Notably, it encompasses their level of professionalism in different situations. In some cases, the officers who fail to exhibit military bearing, are subject to penalty. They have to commit themselves to accomplish the set goals to the best of their capabilities. On their part, army leaders have to motivate their subordinates to accomplish the set missions despite the issues that they might encounter. In every situation, the military officers have to accept full responsibility for their actions and the performance of the subordinates. Notably, if military officers embrace bearing, they have to uphold their dignity to reflect credit in all their services. Therefore, the officers have to be proud of all their duties in the military service. If the leaders exhibit military bearing, they set an excellent example to the junior officers. As a result, the professionals maintain self-discipline and follow all the orders from the officers in higher ranks.

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