My Decision to Attend College Essay

Changing your life is a hard thing to do. Many people need a shock to convince them that the time has come to act. Too many of us tend to focus on their everyday life, wait for something to happen, being unsure of our power to go ahead and be excellent in this world. For me, going full speed ahead is a way of living.

We live in an exciting world. The new globalized economy has brought great challenges to young Americans, and I think that the hardest part has not yet to come. We feel the waves of change every day, as the world is going global, competitive technical and much more demanding than ever before. Fortunately, such an environment offers some great opportunities, as the new economy seeks for the talented, the educated and the creative among us. What counts here is where and how fast we are going.

My journey starts with a pure intellectual hunger. I grew up into a reality which is dominated by vast technological advancements. Until recently, I was only an observer to the phenomenal achievements of individuals and organizations, who changed not only the way we work and learn but also the way we think; the IT sector is the leader of the information revolution, and I want to take part, to know as much as I can about it and to find an area of speciality. Therefore, an active approach must be taken. I intend to use my time as a learner for investigation and exploration of the fields of study and others which related to them, and to find the areas to which I am attracted intellectually and professionally.

Nevertheless, I also understand the disadvantages of this field, in particular the risk of entering an industry where many of the jobs can be rather easily outsourced or become automated. In “The World is Flat” a fascinating analysis of the new economy, journalist Thomas L. Friedman puts a clear warning sign in front of young Americans. He introduces us to the “untouchables”: those who are more likely to succeed will be those who are professionally competent, able to quickly adopt new concepts and methods and, most importantly, have a set of interpersonal and communication skills. I hope to further develop these skills by experiencing different ways of interpersonal communication within an IT-related framework.

It is clear, though, that my high aspirations are not enough for a successful graduation. One must carefully manage her time and attention between the different tasks. Good planning is the keyword, and like I did before, I will use my time efficiently, while leaving sufficient space for other activities and maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.

As I said before, my clear intention is to excel in my studies. I am aware of the fact that excellent performance implies much more than knowledge or motivation. Looking at my past experience, I am confident with my ability to think critically and rationally, to look for explanations and to have the right degree of creativity and to convert it into established academic performance, understanding that making mistakes is a part of learning and this should be the way to perceive them.

As mentioned, the main goals I have set to myself were acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities in order to become the best database applications developer I can be. By proving professional and personal excellence, I hope to establish initial relations with the industry during the course of studying. I would also be glad to contribute to the academic development of the college through participating in research and would be honoured to represent the department in other forums.

I am thrilled by the possibility to explore other sciences, as my future tasks will demand deep understanding of the final user, who will express his needs using his terms rather than those of the developer.

I will take an active approach to facilitate an enriching and satisfying learning experience. In this respect, having access to specialists in my field of study, both directly and through access to research databases will be a great contribution for being updated with developments and new directions.

In conclusion, I am very pleased with my choice. The difficulties waiting ahead are a preparation stage for my future career as a database developer with profound, well-rounded knowledge and abilities and strong interpersonal skills.

Friedman, T.L. (2006). The World is Flat. London: Penguin Books.


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